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15562Re: [svg-developers] Macromedia promises better Web apps

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  • Tobias Reif
    May 2, 2002
      jdowdell@... wrote:

      > Re-runs get boring.

      Is that why you repeated your severely diminishing and incorrect
      statements about SVG on

      "(Sometimes people in those threads got on an SVG rant, but that has
      very little relevance to this discussion. SVG is just a file format for
      vector graphics, and never solved the practical problem of widespread
      computer viewability. Flash solved both those problems years ago, and
      then solved reliable animation and interactivity, and is now moving
      towards video integration, efficient application development,
      connectivity and communications, and viewability on portable and
      embedded devices too.)"

      Your anti SVG FUD gets old.
      (I never saw SVG lovers rant; URLs?)
      "never solved" => SVG is still much younger than SWF.
      "just a file format for vector graphics" => it also does animation, has
      it's own font format, and integrates with ECMA Script, Java, CSS, RDF,
      SMIL, XForms, XTML, XSLFO, etc.
      "reliable animation and interactivity" => SVG has them.
      "video integration" => try Real Player SVG plus video.
      "efficient application development" => that's where SVG shines.
      Collaboration between designers and progreammers is greatly enhanced
      through the modularity that's possible with SVG.
      ... and SVG is viewable on portable devices.

      Please do correct your statements on your page.

      > Theme: Do stuff which you and others find rewarding. If you invest your
      > time trying to knock others down, then that leaves you less time to build
      > other things up.

      Great idea! Simply stop trying to knock SVG down.


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