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15547Re: [svg-developers] Macromedia promises better Web apps

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  • Chris Lilley
    May 1, 2002
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      On Wednesday, May 1, 2002, 11:49:54 PM, jdowdell wrote:

      jmc> Hi Chris, that type of post reminds me of throwing spaghetti at the wall,
      jmc> trying to see what sticks before moving to another topic.

      Kind of like posting faint praise on SVG book reviews, that sort of thing?

      jmc> Re-runs get boring.

      Whose post were you referring to? You quoted someone elses. However, I
      agree that re-runs get boring and hit and run trolling that skips
      lazily of any substantive technical topics is not really worth
      anyone's time.

      So, now that we have all had a laugh at the 100k HTML example, it
      might indeed be wise to move on to more relevant topics. However,
      since you chose to 'recap' let me just address some of your points.

      jmc> Recap: HTML and SWF are indeed both useful formats...

      That might be your recap. My recap is that XHTML and SVG are useful
      formats, along with a number of others.

      jmc> browsers don't always communicate with their plugins,

      This is certainly true, and to be lamented.

      jmc> although you can bookmark a scene within a SWF if the browser
      jmc> permits...

      (A pointer to what such a URL looks like would be interesting,
      off-list if you wish).

      jmc> it's useful to separate data from presentation,

      Absolutely! Thats why the stylability of SVG is very important.

      jmc> which is why SWF can offer efficiencies with live requests...

      Not sure of the efficiencies you are referring to there.

      jmc> search engines vary, but Atomz pulls text in SWF

      Cool! Did they get a special license from you to do that, or can
      anyone do it?

      jmc> and Google (which relies
      jmc> on links!) does offer "filetype:swf" arguments... much more in the usual
      jmc> places.

      Yes, relying on links from more open and accessible formats to other
      ones is not really a winning solution.

      jmc> Theme: Do stuff which you and others find rewarding. If you
      jmc> invest your time trying to knock others down, then that leaves
      jmc> you less time to build other things up.

      Sterling advice. I can't help but agree. It would be nice indeed if
      people did that and did not feel the need to play up their own formats
      by attempting to rubbish or belittle other formats. We could all learn
      from this advice I am sure.

      Chris mailto:chris@...
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