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15545Re: [svg-developers] Macromedia promises better Web apps

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  • Jim Ley
    May 1, 2002
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      > Hi Chris, that type of post reminds me of throwing spaghetti at the
      > trying to see what sticks before moving to another topic. Re-runs get
      > boring.
      > Recap: HTML and SWF are indeed both useful formats... browsers don't
      > communicate with their plugins, although you can bookmark a scene within
      > SWF if the browser permits...

      Can you show us a browser that does - or the mechanism in which I could
      functionality to my browser? I use the Win32 ActiveX. - A fragment
      identifier for flash would solve the issue...

      > it's useful to separate data from
      > presentation, which is why SWF can offer efficiencies with live

      As can plain old javascript, or even straight HTML 4.0 with appropriate
      use of iframe/object elements.

      > search engines vary, but Atomz pulls text in SWF and Google (which
      > on links!) does offer "filetype:swf" arguments... much more in the usual
      > places.

      Google ranks by links, it doesn't rely on them, it's been ACCEPTing swf
      for a long time, and does look for content, unlike PPT, PDF, XLS though it
      still doesn't offer it in a normal search most likely because it can't
      provide an "HTML view" like it can of the others.

      > Go look at the Etrade implementation you're objecting to.
      > A visitor can specify a stock and get current info displayed in their
      > without disturbing the existing page.

      Yes... There's nothing either new, or specific to flash in this, this has
      been possible in browsers for at least 4 years (actually NN3 you could
      even do server push of javascript to update an input element so we do push
      it back further, but that's perhaps too ugly to be directly comparable),
      and has been regularly seen. It can also be achieved accessibily with
      graceful fallback so the content was still available to all UA's.

      I didn't notice anyone objecting just suggesting that the annoucement was
      full of quite usual technical puffery that whilst true and a good solution
      was nothing unique and still suffers the huge accessibility problems of
      flash - something which is close to being addressed for some users of AT's
      but it's a long way behind HTML still.

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