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13340Re: [svg-developers] Re: Pac Man

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  • andrei
    Mar 15, 2002
      Tobias Reif wrote:

      >andrei wrote:
      >>can anybody send me a .htaccess file to be tested with some free web host?
      >----- .htaccess ----- 8< -----------
      >AddType image/svg+xml svg
      >AddType image/svg+xml svgz
      >DirectoryIndex index.xhtml

      I forgot this list doesn't accept attached files. the file is:

      AddType image/svg+xml svg
      AddType image/svg+xml svgz
      DirectoryIndex index.htm

      I renamed it to ".htaccess" throught FTP because my windows doesn't
      accept a file with this name.

      does this mean hpG doesn't use Apache?

      thank you,

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