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Re: How to file [SVG] bug reports in all the different browsers Let me see if the current list is up to date: Chrome: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/list https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/
David Dailey
7:50 AM
Google's Geospatial Technologist to give keynote at the Graphical We Ed Parsons, Google's chief Geospatial Technologist will be presenting our opening keynote address.at The Graphical Web, Winchester England, August 27 - 30.
David Dailey
6:28 AM
Re: interface for creating SVG animations in Inkscape Hi John, We built a system that animates photographs using SVG. We started with SMIL but moved over to javascript. I would probably do it the same way, if I
Joe Doll
Apr 15
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SVG Documentation on WebPlatform.org Hi, folks– I'd like to gauge interest from this community in helping write SVG documentation for developers and designers at WebPlatform.org. WebPlatform has
Doug Schepers
Apr 14
Re: interface for creating SVG animations in Inkscape Hi, I use SVG animation for a web comic (I haven't worked on it for some time but intend to get back to it). This has a lot of interactivity. Therefore I think
Richard Pearman
Apr 14
Serializing SVG using innerHTML Hi folks, A couple of weeks ago I was experimenting with SVG animation inline in HTML (Brian Birtles had taught me a lesson about animating transforms that I
Dailey, David P.
Apr 11
Re: partitioning rectangles into sub-rectangles -- CSS vs <table> Hi Ollie, This looks promising. I finally got a chance to experiment a little bit and there seem to be enormous browser differences with Opera and Chrome doing
David Dailey
Apr 10
Re: interface for creating SVG animations in Inkscape Hi John, You are asking good questions. I won’t have time to try to answer them, since it would require quite a bit of thought to begin. Perhaps someone else
David Dailey
Apr 10
Re: SVG in Chrome vs SVG in Safari Hi, I’ve never noticed any problems of the sort you discuss with Safari (though I have seen lots of other problems with it!). The second and fourth
David Dailey
Apr 10
interface for creating SVG animations in Inkscape Hello everyone, I hope I am in the right community to post this :). I needed to find people who work with SVG and web design. This is my first post here and I
Apr 10
SVG in Chrome vs SVG in Safari Hi, when testing SVG Graphics, I'm experiencing some really annoying rendering behaviours in Safari: - It doesn't render colors the same way as Chrome. There
Apr 10
The Web@25 @ The Graphical Web -- new call for contributions and ext As you may know, The Graphical Web (previously SVG Open) is preparing for its 11th annual conference, hosted this year by the Office of National Statistics in
David Dailey
Apr 8
feComposite in Firefox Hi all, I thought I had figured this out once, but can't seem to find a working example. As you may know, Firefox doesn't implement backgroundImage
Dailey, David P.
Mar 31
Firefox 29.0 Hi, I've just installed Firefox 29.0. I was rather dissapointed because it still has that thing that only Firefox does, where it puts up a box telling you that
Richard Pearman
Mar 25
experiments with SVG in HTML and vice versa I have just had a bit of fun playing with SVG inline in HTML and HTML inside foreignObject. Things work a heck of a lot better now than they did two years
David Dailey
Mar 24
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Re: partitioning rectangles into sub-rectangles -- CSS vs <table> Hi David, I haven't looked closely at the problem you are trying to solve, but this might be the CSS3 you are looking for:
Oliver Boermans
Mar 22
Re: Load Div In Foreign Object Element Difficulty is possibly one factor to the resistive adoption of xhtml. The restriction of innerHtml, is by design FWICTell.
Mark T
Mar 20
Re: Load Div In Foreign Object Element Wow! Didn't think it would be that difficult! Fortunately, it is not a deal breaker for my demo. Thanks for the information. James
Mar 20
Re: Load Div In Foreign Object Element Hi James, This is proving elusive to me. The theory would be to parse text/xml containing xhtml within a svg document. Then attach this to a foreignObject.
Mark T
Mar 20
Load Div In Foreign Object Element I am at the last stage of publishing what I think is a helpful SVG demo. The last thing I need to do is load through script a div that is in a foreign object
Mar 19
animating svg with css Hi folks, In the thread at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-svg/2014Feb/0075.html I had asked " Is it possible to use CSS3 to animate the change of
David Dailey
Mar 19
partitioning rectangles into sub-rectangles -- CSS vs <table> I've been fiddling with this problem (vaguely related to Euler diagrams) off and on for a decade or so:
David Dailey
Mar 8
Re: optimizing speed of SMIL Wow! How cool is that? I just never thought of it before but it certainly makes sense now. Thanks for the example and for telling me about paint-flashing.
David Dailey
Mar 7
Re: optimizing speed of SMIL ... Yes, here we are: http://jsfiddle.net/4KWu7/ http://jsfiddle.net/4KWu7/. I think this is easier than having to calculate the required translation animation
Mar 6
Re: optimizing speed of SMIL Hi Brian, Thanks for your answer and for a glimpse into how things might be in the future. I can’t quite see what you mean by breaking out the two
David Dailey
Mar 6
Re: optimizing speed of SMIL Hi David, Is it possible to split out the "translate center to origin" and "translate back again" transformations into separate elements and then just use
Mar 6
optimizing speed of SMIL If I want to shrink a rectangle, ellipse or image toward its own center, I can either use four tags to adjust its x (cx), y (cy), width (rx) and
David Dailey
Mar 6
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web transitions Hi all, Take a look at http://cs.sru.edu/~ddailey/fading/slides/transitions.html I'm trying to start an open source collection of web-transition effects:
David Dailey
Mar 4
Re: rounding error in cubic Beziers? Hi David, d="M 0,384 C 0,-128 1028,384 512,384 C 512,895 1024,-128 512,-128 L 0,-128 z" Try replacing 1028 with 1024. Cheers, Israel
Feb 27
Re: rounding error in cubic Beziers? Oh by the way, both examples are all SMIL (no JavaScript) so the animation is not working in IE (alas), though the gaps between the curves are still visible in
David Dailey
Feb 27
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