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      Off the FHANQ list.

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      To: FHANQ

      Website: http://www.navylistresearch.co.uk/

      Update of UK Navy List Research Website Database (1968) The database now
      covers the forty-four years 1968 to 2011 inclusive.
      Publication of the 2012 Navy List may be expected in November 2013, and
      information from it will be included online as soon as possible thereafter.

      UK Navy Lists Which Can be Viewed Online - 1815 to 1945 There are now 140
      digitally copied Navy Lists for various years between 1815
      and 1945 available online for perusal. This represents something in the
      order of 100,000 pages of Navy List officer records. They are made
      available by the sources acknowledged in the website and therefore have
      various search methods, but each does have a self explanatory search
      facility. There is also guidance on the structure of Navy Lists in the
      website under the 'Search' tab.

      Manual Research
      Information from Navy Lists not covered by the above is available - free of
      charge for subscribers - by e-mail request to mike@...
      The research can provide a summary of an officer's career and will normally
      include full names, branch and specialisation, decorations and post
      nominals, language qualifications, rank and seniority for each rank held,
      where the officer was serving each year, the date of joining where it has
      been published, and if required the name of the Commanding Officer of each
      ship or establishment at that time. Some user comments on this service are

      shown under the 'About' tab in the website.

      Publication of the biennial Navy List of Retired and Emergency List Officers

      (known as the Retired List) was discontinued in 2007. Until then it listed

      most known retired officer deaths since the previous biennial edition, and
      although it did not list short service officers with no Emergency Liability,
      it was the primary and a substantial and reliable source of information on
      officer deaths.

      It has been necessary since 2007 to obtain information of deaths from
      diverse but reliable sources, and the ongoing assistance of
      Lieutenant-Commander Laurence of Mar in recording officer deaths announced
      in the National press is acknowledged with many thanks. Reliably sourced
      unambiguous information on officer deaths not recorded in the website would
      therefore be much appreciated.

      Deaths which occurred in 2013 may be accessed in the website by selecting
      '2013' under the 'Search for officers who died in a given year' tab.

      Use of the Website
      Subscribers may access the website from any computer with internet access
      worldwide, but it is necessary to quote the recorded 'home' e-mail address
      and password. Lost passwords may be recovered by clicking on 'I forgot
      my password' on the log in page, but it will be sent only to the recorded
      subscriber's e-mail address.

      Please have no hesitation in contacting me if you experience any difficulty
      with the website: this may particularly have occurred if there has been a
      change in e-mail address, but is easily rectified if notified.

      Searches for officers are best made inputting the minimum information, such
      as just the surname, or just part of the surname (which will produce a list
      of all officers of that surname/part from which to select), because any
      further information used in a search which does not precisely match the
      database data - i.e. searching using a full forename, when the database
      has only an initial - may inhibit success. It is also advisable
      between one search and the next to click on 'search' to clear all trace of
      the previous search. More detailed guidance on searching can be seen under
      the 'Examples' tab in the website.

      Lt-Cdr Mike Coombes OBE BSc(Open) RN (Retd) Mike@...
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