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FW: [nz] The Jewish Chronicle online

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  • Jenelle McCarrick
    Might be useful. Jenelle. ... From: new-zealand-bounces@rootsweb.com [mailto:new-zealand-bounces@rootsweb.com] On Behalf Of Rowan Gibbs Sent: Saturday, 15 June
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      Might be useful.

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      Subject: [nz] The Jewish Chronicle online

      I've just come across another online newspaper archive which I did not know
      existed - THE JEWISH CHRONICLE (London) from its start in 1841 is available
      online at http://website.thejc.com/archlnk.aspx

      Click on "Trial search"

      Only snippets are viewable for free - the whole text is available only to
      subscribers it seems - but this finds a lot of bmd's in New Zealand (and
      other local news)

      Rowan Gibbs

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