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FW: [AUS-SAGEN] WW1 Photo archives - request from State Library of SA

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      Might be of interest.

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      Subject: [AUS-SAGEN] WW1 Photo archives - request from State Library of SA


      South Australians of World War I : Share their story

      2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of World War I and the State
      Library of South Australia is proud to commemorate this anniversary with a
      photographic tribute to those South Australians who served and in some cases
      died for King and Country.

      Initially the State Library uploaded just under 500 World War I portraits,
      taken from our Chamberlain collection. This is only a small percentage of
      World War I portraits held at the State Library. Unfortunately, in some
      cases very little detail is known about the soldiers featured, a one word
      name written on the edge of the glass negative or sometimes not even that.

      Can you help? Are you able to identify any of the people in the photographs
      or add more detail, such as service details, biographical information or
      stories of interest. Alternatively do you have photographs and details of
      South Australian service men and women who served in World War I that you
      would like to add to this tribute?
      AUS-SAGEN Archives are here:

      Websites of Interest on our Blog:

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