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My Interests Donald and Georginia Munro

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  • Bill Bell
    Hi everyone My interest is in Donald Munro and Georginia Mackay of Armadale and to get the ball rolling about their adventures in Australia, here are some
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      Hi everyone

      My interest is in Donald Munro and Georginia Mackay of Armadale and to
      get the ball rolling about their adventures in Australia, here are
      some notes about what I have found out about them.

      Donald Munro

      Born 12 August 1801 Armadale Parish of Farr Sutherlandshire died 1869
      Prahran Victoria

      married 29 January 1826 Braetongue Sutherlandshire
      Georgina Ann Scobie Mackay
      born 1804 Parish of Tongue Sutherlandshire died 1889 North Carlton

      .....29th. July 1854 the entire family was on the "Hornet" which
      sailed from Liverpool the next day, August 1st, arriving at Geelong,
      after an 81-day voyage on October 23rd. 1854. .
      On arriving at Geelong the new colonists were required to seek
      employment as part of their contract and these details were recorded
      by the Victorian Colonial Secretary's Office . Within a few days of
      their arrival John, Lexy and Catherine had been taken into employment.

      Donald 52 Ag labourer Sutherland Presbyterian, read and write disposed
      6 Nov. Also Georgina 50, and Jessie 13 same details. On own account to

      Alexia 18 Domestic servant, Sutherland, Presbyterian read only to Mrs.
      A McCullum, Market Square 30 Oct £20, 3 months and Catherine 16
      Domestic Servant, Sutherland, Presbyterian read only to James Fait Gt
      Malop St 30 Oct £15, 3 months

      392 Munro, John 27 Ag Labourer from Renfrew Presbyterian read and
      write, 31 Oct to Timothy McCarthy Ryansford £52 3 months.

      The other members of the party were recorded as follows: -
      82 McDonald, Norman, 26 Ag Labourer Skye, Presbyterian, read and write
      On own account to Geelong
      83 McDonald, Johanna 20 Wife read and write
      84 McDonald, Elizabeth 1
      35 Jack, Andrew, 22 Blacksmith Fife Presbyterian, read and write On
      own account Chelwell
      36 Jack Jane, 24 Wife not read and write
      37 Jack, Robert, infant

      On the basis that the two girls were under a three month work contract
      it is probable that the family stayed in Geelong for that period.
      Donald certainly made the the most of the opportunities that opened
      to him. Not for him the squalor and uncertainties of the Gold
      diggings. Georgina and Donald moved to the outskirts of Melbourne to
      the new suburb of Prahran and within a very short time, probably in
      1855, he was in charge of the water pump on the Yarra River selling
      water to the citizens of Prahran on behalf of the local Council. The
      area at the time was still mostly bush.

      Towards the latter part of 1857, Melbourne was supplied with water
      from the Plenty River source, and it was not long before service pipes
      were extended to Prahran. That put an end to the usefulness of the
      Prahran municipal pump in Yarra Street, and of the South Yarra
      Waterworks on Forrest Hill.

      When this boon of Yan Yean reticulation came along, Munro took charge,
      until his death, of the municipal pound, situated on the present site
      of Grattan-street Gardens. Munro and his wife lived in Arthur-street,
      in a two-roomed hut. He subsequently bought land in Pine-street, where
      he built three houses, living in one. Evidently, he wrote home to Auld
      Reekie, for his son James and his wife arrived in 1858 or '59, and
      they rented from Donald the cottage at the comer of Hazeldene-place.
      The late Hon. James Munro, politician. Premier, banker, building
      society promoter, and "land boomer," started his colonial career as
      the owner of a small grocery business in Prahran. That was not a
      success, for the future Premier of Victoria drifted into a printing
      office seeking employment."

      The position of Prahran's pound keeper was not that of
      employer/employee but was rather an early form of a private/public
      enterprise. Donald was expected to operate the pound at a profit and
      any shortfall in funds was to be made up by him. In 1865 the pound
      lost £26 sustained by the loss from the sale of cattle and the council
      in order to keep what they considered a service to the public's
      benefit agreed to increase the Donald's salary to £40 per year, "any
      excess of fees to be voted him by the council as an increase of
      salary, and he to pay any deficiency: and that he use his own
      discretion as to the recovery of fees from the parties impounding.
      They do this as it is believed the pound is a great public convenience
      and although they would like to see it self supporting they do not
      wish to see it done away with."

      Donald used his discretion about the fees in 1867 when he was having
      trouble with cattle being impounded at Prahran rather than Emerald
      Hill after been found wandering into the enclosed ground behind
      Victoria Barracks on St. Kilda Road. It is the type of situation where
      you can imagine him saying in his highland accent, "The next lot of
      cows from Emerald Hill I'm going to charge the owner the maximum."
      Unfortunately, the next lot of cows ending up in his pound was seven
      owned by a poor woman who had nothing else to depend on. £2 11s for
      one hour in the pound, oops nice plan but the Law of Murphy came into

      Georgina Ann Scobie Mackay

      Unfortunately there is little information about Georgina, even her
      date of birth is in doubt. Her death Registration and notices in the
      Argus and Age in 1889 gives her age as 91 in which case her birth
      year is 1798, however her entry in the International Genealogical
      Index gives a date of 1806. Her parent's names are known, however, as
      John MacKay and Catherine (Ketty) MacKenzie and that she was Donald
      Munro's cousin.

      What ever Georgina's date of birth we know more about her death. The
      house were she died is still standing in Lygon Street Princess Hill,
      Carlton at number 517. The house itself was owned by her daughter Jane
      Scobie Munro, the widow of Andrew Sharp Jack, and is the centre of a
      terrace in what is now one of the better areas of Melbourne where even
      a small Terrace house, like "Sunnyside" are brought for premium
      prices. It was probably an above average dwelling in the 1880s. By
      1889 Lygon Street was serviced by a Cable Tram and Carlton Station, on
      the inner circle line, was a few minutes walk up the road and the MMBW
      had laid sewerage and piped water in the area. A far cry from the
      Crofters house of Sutherland.

      So that is these are my Sutherland ancestors. In a latter message I
      will add what happened to Donald and Georginia's children



      Brunswick Victoria
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