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  • Jenelle McCarrick
    Jul 1, 2014

      Sorry ..but way above my grasp…



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      Hi Paddy

      I have W7 and use it with a WD back up drive -

      sounds awful about the new Seagate one

      someone told me they are a good brand

      agree the continual changes can be exasperating.

      In the Q Govt where I work we still have XP and office 2003 - haha - lol !




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      Hi Jenelle

      Have my new computer   BUT  it refuses to let me access my Seagate 3T expansion HD.

      I actually thought I was being smart and dragged a copy of my full XP into it.  OK? No.

      Lots of people did the same and all are having problems accessing any of the data saved in the expansion HD.  This has given me a real fright the thought of losing all the data, is wearing me down.  Seagate in the larger sizes (3T and 4T). doesn't like to get into bed with W7.  Oh great.

      Their support can't help  so now Seagate is off my buy list for the future.  Lucky that my son kept my old computer and is trying to get stuff like data base of books, photos, desk top Icons with contents and so on and so on.

      So I am able to use the W7 that son installed up to a point but can't access anything saved re research and backups and family trees.  I have cut back my family tree software  to Roots Magic 6 (V4, V5 were merged with v6)  also kept Family Tree Maker.  Both are installed and waiting for info to find the backups that can be put into them.  Fingers Crossed.

      Having a very helpful son he told me not to worry......some of the bugs have been fixed....in W9 which is in work and will be released on an unsuspecting public at their pleasure.

      I think another problem was that I had to have all transferred into  a brand new computer.  Mostly people found that just upgrading from XP in work to W7

      I also know people who have just HAD it with Microsoft and their continual changes of system and have or are about to change to Mac.

      Apart from the fun and games I am having , how is my friend going.  Have missed contact with you. 

      Hope you and yours are well & Happy

      Paddy (with a sore head from trying to figure out the future with the amended computer my son will be adding to the one I have in work at the moment (which is W7.....confused??? me too.


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