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  • Jenelle McCarrick
    Jan 23, 2014
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      For those that may be interested, as you know Lesley Uebel passed away last
      week, but they have kept her site running, "Claim a convict".
      Claim a Convict

      As promised you are the first to know - here is the new website URL for the
      Claim A Convict website

      http://claimaconvict.hawkesbury.net.au which will get translated to

      As you will notice the site is currently in lock down mode with a counter...
      counting down to Australia Day. And yes those who have done the math will
      work out that, all going well, the site will be live 1am 26 January 2014.

      Regards to all,

      Jonathan Auld
      AUS-PT-JACKSON-CONVICTS List Moderator