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2543RE: [suth_to_aus] FW: RAAFDB.COM - RAAF Casualty Database

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  • Jenelle McCarrick
    Jul 31, 2013
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      The Red Cross files have been on line for quite some time, that’s where I tracked some of the Holzminden prisoners, you might get some more information from the trove site too.

      There’s another site called wingless pilots (those taken prisoners of war) on line as well.



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      Hi Jenelle,

      Would be none of mine in there but would be very important to some descendants.

      Makes you want to cry when you think how many did not come back (Edwin Cragg from NSW my ancestor for one, died in France by friendly fire and buried where he died)  The group of options and links could open search ideas for many.

      Thanks Jenelle.

      There is also a little known site to track members of the army wounded or killed in action.

      My rellie as included above has very good records of wounding and death on the site:  ( This is in addition of the Attestation papers and history also available on line.   Slow going to collect but if you have the patience, can copy one page at a time for the war records.)



      I didn't even have much more on Edwin Cragg but

      found him and his records in a few minutes:

      Service Number

      Rank:  Private


      Conflict:  e.g. in my case was shown as First World War  1914-1918

      Digitised record to be viewed/copied.  Very detailed information collected by the Red Cross. Included statements made by senior rank army people etc.

      I have not searched other than Edwin but certainly worth a try.


      When I get a chance I will search for others.

      Am just recovering from......would you believe...Whooping cough and I tell you it was not much fun.  I did have it as a child. Thought I didn't need booster a couple of years ago when the govt. suggested we should all have new vacc.  So many people have or had it recently.  Comes in the country by plane (people returning from holidays etc) and boat people etc.

      Many boat people carry T.B. as well, just what we needed.  Just too many now to check for all health problems. 

      A brave new world!



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      Anyone seen this database before, they have a facebook page as well.

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