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2534FW: [FHANQ] NSW Transcriptions Marilyn Rowan

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  • Jenelle McCarrick
    Jun 27, 2013
      paying for a full cert...

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      Passing this on for our members.

      Hello Everyone!

      The Registry has awarded us a new contract which will start from July 1st
      2013. Unfortunately, this means transcription prices will need to rise from
      1st July to cover the increased fee we will need to pay the Registry. Full
      transcriptions will be $20 from July 1st.

      New prices for other services can be found on our web site..

      Our last price rise was over 3 years ago, early in 2010, and we will always
      try to keep prices as low as we possibly can.

      The good news is that we will be able to continue to help you by supplying
      NSW Birth Death and Marriage Transcriptions, which are still a great way to
      access the information in the NSW BDM Registers without having to pay the
      Official Certificate price.

      To celebrate, we are having one last $16 Super Saturday Special - this will
      be the last time we will be able to offer Full NSW BDM Transcriptions at
      this price.

      Thank you all for your orders and friendship over the years. We hope to
      continue our association with you all, and be a part of putting together
      your family tree for some time to come.
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