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  • paddy walsh
    Apr 7, 2013
      Didn't open it Jenelle
      Seems we have to be extra wary of opening our emails again,
      the brainless are busy again.  Got another saying from Heather Carter I think it was.  A friend of mine has sent herself another couple of emails of the stupid kind.  Old group now abandoned running with no moderator for some time is also a playground for the hackers. The group has little or no traffic on it. Couple of days ago this site send my friend more emails to herself from herself when she was a member in Gene_Aus and this abandoned site will continue to send such mail as the data base from the then members is still accessible from those who were once members and the link on one of these emails was accidentally opened and it proved to be an advertisement.  Not saying it means that the links are safe to open.  I am saying that there is a mix of hackers out there and it would be dangerous to our computers to let your finger stray to the link only to find it was going to damage your computer which could cause damage beyond what could be repaired.  Not in the mood to get another computer so am careful as to what my finger hits.
      I have tried to contact Yahoo re the Gene_Aus site but trying to find the right area to advise. The last time I spent a lot of effort and the reply I received was that maybe the members in the data base could get a vote and elect a new moderator.?????? No, it is no longer used so should be removed.  Other sources suggest the moderator (Ian) may have passed away as no one has any idea why he suddenly disappeared a few years ago and this is commented upon by others.
      Was not the answer to my question at all.  So looks like the abandoned message list will stay there and be a playground to hackers.  I just don't have the time to get on that merrygoround again.

      From: Jenelle McCarrick <jmac2005@...>
      To: suth_to_aus@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, 8 April 2013 5:37 AM
      Subject: [suth_to_aus] DONT OPEN THE LINK JUST RECEIVED
      I just got a one line email with a link, don’t open it from a C Mackay..
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