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  • Craig McLaughlin
    Aug 30 11:39 PM
      It sounds like you want the long story!
      So from what I can gather, she died intestate in 1990 (Sept 17th) in Melbourne.  Some time after her siblings were contacted by government trustees but I believe this was the first contact in decades.  She does not appear to have ever married but she was now known as Janet instead of Jessie.  Research uncovered an obituary from the Monahan family which in turn led to a fairly concrete picture from 1939 to 1954.  After 1954 though....???
      Prior to 1939 we knew about her time in India from family folk lore and this was confirmed with shipping passages in 1928 and 1929.  So the big question is when, how and why she went to Australia, where she settled before 1939 and then of course what she did after 1954?  I think the electoral rolls could be the best avenue to pursue and I probably need to hunt down all MacLeods/McLeods named Janet or Jessie in the state of Victoria.
      Thanks to all for your help and let me echo Frances' comments about the great welcome to the community!
      PS - Judy the 1934 voyage to Freemantle was one I had seen before as 1900 matches her birth year.  Something in my gut just says it's not quite right though.
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