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  • Judy
    Aug 30, 2011
      If she was a British citizen I'm pretty sure she could vote
      You should find shipping records for that period from UK to Australia on Find My Past but I'm not too sure about from India.{But I'd check it anyway...she may have returned home first]
      She could certainly have immigrated directly from India esp if she were sponsored [any likely family?]
      Government sponsored immigration ended for a period in 1930. [Depression] Would she have paid her own way?
      There will be a record of her Immigration at the National Archives but you'll probably have to pin down a time frame. Any luck in shipping on NLA Newspaper Website?...a longshot but I did find one I was looking for there.
      PS I just checked FTM and got these hits for travel to Australia between 1925 and 1935

      Year of

      MCLEOD Unknown1925LondonAustraliaSydneyVIEWVIEW
      MCLEODJ D M1898M1931LondonAustraliaSydneyVIEW

      Wow - talk about great service!
      I'm trying to figure out when and how Jessie Campbell MacLeod came to Australia, sometime around 1930.  Born in 1900 at Culkein in Assynt, I know she was a governess in India in the late 1920s (I have the shipping passes etc) but can find no evidence of her going to Australia from the UK.
      She was in the service of the Monahan family in Toorak from 1939 onwards but before that it's hard to tell.  One possibility is she was nursing one of the Russell family in a place called Carngham; I believe they are fairly well known in the Melbourne area.  This lead was traced from local electoral rolls which sadly only list name, occupation and gender (age is not provided), so it is hard to determine if I'm on the right track.  I guess one question would be, how quickly would an immigrant be eligible for voting?  I must confess total ignorance on this point - would she have first needed to become an Australian citizen or were the ties to the UK sufficient to get on the rolls?
      Does anyone know if it was possible for folks to emigrate to Australia direct from India and if so how I could track down the arrival etc?
      Many thanks!
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