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Overviews of winter classes in biology, complexity & Gaia

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  • ~Euglena
    Winter term classes in biology, complexity & Gaia theory (geophysiology) @ Euglena Edu, home of ProtoTista, begin the week of Monday, January 12. I m posting
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2003
      Winter term classes in biology, complexity & Gaia theory (geophysiology) @ Euglena Edu,
      home of ProtoTista, begin the week of
      Monday, January 12.

      I'm posting this notice to this list because,
      in my heart of hearts, I think these ideas are relevant to
      the evolution of sustainable human cultures on Earth in the 21st century.

      FREE INTRODUCTORY OVERVIEWS of winter classes:

      * Friday, December 12: the 101's
      * Friday, December 19: the 102's
      * Monday, January 12 - Thursday, January 15: IN DEPTH overviews

      More details about FREE OVERVIEWS provided below.

      Reservations are requested for overviews & classes.

      WINTER TERM CLASSES (all times PM):

      Mondays (6:30-9:30): Complexity 101: Introduction to the Key Ideas of Complexity
      Tuesdays (6:30-9:30): Biology 102: Way of the Cell: Complexity in Cell/Molecular Biology
      Wednesdays (4:30-6:15): Geophysiology 101 (G101): A Condensed Introduction to Gaia
      Wednesdays (6:30-9:30): G102: Gaia as Model, Metaphor, Myth & Movement
      Thursdays (6:30-9:30): Complexity 102B: Complexity in Biology from Cells to Ecosystems

      The G101 for winter term is a condensed, accelerated 1.75/week hour lecture series
      immediately preceding G102. Q & A will happen during the immediately following G102.

      On request from 3 or more, I will offer a condensed 1.5 hour/week version of Biology 101
      on Tuesday afternoon to review basic biology & chemistry prerequisite to Biology 102.

      Complete descriptions for these classes are linked to this page:

      Please note that all 102 level classes have prerequisites.

      FREE OVERVIEWS for winter classes:

      1) Friday, 12/12/03, 7 - 10 PM, FREE OVERVIEW of C101 & Geophysiology 101

      2) Friday, 12/19, 7 - 10 PM, FREE OVERVIEW of B102, G102 & C102B

      3) Beginning Monday, January 12 (6:30 PM each evening;
      note: G101 will normally meet at 4:30 PM)

      Monday, Jan 12: Complexity 101
      Tuesday, Jan 13: Biology 102
      Wednesday, Jan 14: Gaia 101 & Gaia 102
      Thursday, Jan 15: Complexity 102B: Complexity in Biology: Cells to Ecosystems
      Friday, Jan 16: C101, B102, G101, G102 & C102B: The Synthesis with Music

      The overviews & the classes will be held at Euglena Education, LLC, home of ProtoTista.

      For directions & answers, please respond to this email (info@...).

      I hope to see you for an overview & a class or two.


      Alder Fuller, Ph.D., founder
      Euglena Edu, ProtoTista, Eugene
      Chaos, Complexity, Symbiosis, Gaia
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