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  • jtourtel@ngs.org
    Correction to Thursday s Casuarina Beach Club release: The World Legacy Awards are sponsored by National Geographic Traveler magazine, not National Geographic
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2004
      Correction to Thursday's Casuarina Beach Club release:
      The World Legacy Awards are sponsored by National Geographic Traveler
      magazine, not National Geographic Magazine.

      Jonathan B. Tourtellot
      Geotourism Editor, National Geographic Traveler
      1145 17th St. NW
      Washington DC 20036
      (202) 857-7349, fax (202) 429-5712
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      "geotourism (n): Tourism that sustains or enhances
      the geographical character of a place--its environment, culture,
      aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents."

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      Island Resources"
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      Members of Caribbean Conservation
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      [CAST] Fwd: FW: Press Release
      Casuarina Beach Club

      [Congratulations to CCA Board Member Loreto Duffy-Mayers . .. bp]

      >From: "Loreto Duffy-Mayers" <loreto@...>
      >Subject: Casuarina Beach Club World Legacy Awards Finalist
      >Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 07:42:54 -0400
      >Organization: Casuarina
      >May 26th 2004
      >Casuarina Beach Club - Finalist in the World Legacy Awards
      >Casuarina Beach Club has reached the finals of the prestigious World
      >Legacy Awards sponsored by National Geographic Magazine and
      >Conservation International.
      >The Hotel which was assessed by an independent judge earlier this
      >month also hosted the award winning video director and
      >photojournalist, Haroldo Castro * (Vice President, International
      >Communications Department, Conservation International ) and his
      >assistant Sterling Zumbrunn, for three days to produce a video of
      >Casuarina and Barbados. This will be shown at the award ceremony on
      >June 8th at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington D.C.
      >Casuarina has won several awards for it's environmental endeavours
      >and is only one of two hotel in the Caribbean Hotel Association,
      >Green Hall of Fame. The Hotel also won the Caribbean Tourism
      >Organization "Sustainable Tourism Award" in 2003. Casuarina was also
      >awarded the Minister of Tourism award for "The Most Socially
      >Responsible Tourism Organization" in 2003, as well as the BHTA's
      >best "A" class hotel .
      >Casuarina will be represented at the award ceremony to held at the
      >National Geographic Society Headquarters in Washington D.C. on June
      >8th by Loreto Duffy-Mayers, Environmental Manager, Casuarina, and
      >John Cole, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Casuarina.
      >* see below for CV
      >For further information please contact:
      >Loreto Duffy-Mayers, Environmental Manager, Casuarina Beach Club.
      >Tel: (246) 4283600 ext 7540, e-mail : loreto@...
      >Queen Noor of Jordan will Announce Winners of World Legacy Award June 8
      >Washington, DC - May 26, 2004 - Twelve outstanding tourism
      >destinations from nine nations have been selected as finalists in
      >the 2004 World Legacy Awards, which recognize excellence in
      >environmental, social and cultural travel. Sponsored by Conservation
      >International (CI) and National Geographic Traveler, the winners of
      >the Awards will be announced June 8 at the National Geographic
      >Society in Washington, D.C.
      >"Tourism is the largest industry on our planet. It can be both an
      >opportunity or a threat to protecting the Earth's natural heritage
      >and cultural diversity," said Costas Christ, CI's Senior Director
      >for Ecotourism. "With the World Legacy Awards we are pinpointing and
      >highlighting those organizations that are true models of socially
      >and environmentally responsible tourism. That's why we send on-site
      >inspectors to every finalist's location, so visitors are guaranteed
      >that their tourism dollars are truly going toward organizations that
      >are making valuable contributions toward protecting our natural and
      >cultural heritage."
      >"Great travel experiences depend on keeping destinations distinctive
      >and unspoiled," said Keith Bellows, editor of National Geographic
      >Traveler. "These finalists understand that the people who live in a
      >place must benefit from tourism that takes place there. That way,
      >residents will seek to protect what tourists are coming for. We want
      >today's tourism to leave a proud legacy for future generations: a
      >world full of destinations that are still worth visiting."
      >The winners of the second annual World Legacy Awards will be
      >announced at a gala event hosted by Her Majesty Queen Noor of
      >Jordan. A panel of independent judges evaluated applications from
      >across the globe to narrow down the selection to 12 finalists in
      >four categories:
      >Nature Travel - for positive contributions to the conservation of
      >natural areas and biodiversity:
      >Al Maha Desert Resort - Dubai
      >Kwandwe Private Game Reserve - South Africa
      >Chumbe Island Coral Park - Zanzibar
      >Heritage Tourism - for positive contributions to cultural heritage
      >and diversity:
      > Anangu Tours - Australia
      >Moki Treks - Utah, USA
      >Campi va Kanzi - Kenya
      >Hotels and Resorts - for environmentally responsible operations that
      >help protect surrounding cultural and natural assets of the area:
      >Casuarina Beach Club - Barbados
      >Turtle Island Resort - Fiji
      >Voyages Hotels and Resorts - Australia
      >Destination Stewardship - for destinations comprised of more than
      >one business or attraction (regardless of scale) that demonstrate
      >exemplary protection of their natural and cultural heritage:
      >Moosalamooo Region - Vermont, USA
      >Jurassic Coast - Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site, England
      >Gunung Rinjani - Lombok, Indonesia
      > ###
      >For more information about the World Legacy Award:
      >For more information about Conservation International:
      >For more information about National Geographic Traveler:
      >Haroldo F. Castro Haroldo Castro
      >Vice President, International Communications Department
      >Environmental Journalism, Filmmaking and Photography, International
      >University of Paris, Dauphine: B.A., Economics and Applied Management
      >Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian
      >Country of Nationality
      >Brazil and France
      >Haroldo Castro is an award-winning video director, producer and
      >photojournalist. He works with CI's field programs to create and
      >implement conservation awareness campaigns, using creative
      >techniques and developing a strong network of communications staff
      >in the field. Castro has produced a vast array of video products,
      >including documentaries and television spots. He is a keen promotor
      >of environmental reporting: In 1999, he initiated a contest for
      >environmental journalists, the Biodiversity Reporting Award, to
      >acknowledge the efforts of those professionals in developing
      >Before joining CI, Castro worked in Washington, DC, as a
      >correspondent for a Brazilian weekly magazine and as an independent
      >television producer. He has organized international teleconferences
      >and television events to create awareness of social issues with
      >global effects, such as AIDS, environmental degradation, health and
      >natural disasters.
      >Castro has participated in 10 photographic exhibits and has
      >published hundreds of articles and thousands of photographs in
      >international magazines and newspapers. His assignments have taken
      >him to 116 countries around the world. His documentaries have won
      >several awards in the U.S.: three at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film
      >Festival, eight at the International Wildlife Film Festival, and two
      >CINE Golden Eagle Awards, as well as more than 10 international
      >Selected Publications
      >Cuba Criolla (R. Sanchez 1988)
      >A Corrida do Fogo (Editora Salamandra 1987)
      >Por um Nascimento Consciente (Editora Ground 1983)


      >Environmental Manager
      >Casuarina Beach Club
      >St. Lawrence Gap *Christ Church *Barbados
      >Te; (246) 428-3600 * Fax: (246) 428-1970
      >e-mail: loreto@...
      >23 years Nurturing Nature


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