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  • from Bruce Potter
    Friends and colleagues - - - Island Resources Foundation is the owner/moderator of many e-mail discussion lists directed at a variety of target audiences,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2003
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      Friends and colleagues - - -

      Island Resources Foundation is the owner/moderator of many e-mail
      discussion lists directed at a variety of target audiences, mostly
      concerned with environment and development in the insular Caribbean.
      This is one of those lists.

      We have supported these lists entirely from the Foundation's internal
      resources since 1995. We do not, and we will not charge subscribers
      of these lists for the services they receive, but we would like to
      encourage beneficiaries of these services to consider becoming a
      member of Island Resources Foundation by mailing a US$35 membership
      fee ---$200 for corporations --- to our DC office. (See address
      below. Membership and contributions to Island Resources Foundation
      are tax deductible from US-source income because we are a research
      and education non-profit organization, as per Section 501(c)3 of the
      Internal Revenue Service code.)
      We are also interested in exchanging institutional
      memberships with other non-profit groups in the community of small
      islands around the world.

      Island Resources Foundation has just published its 30TH ANNUAL
      REPORT, which we will put on our web site one of these days, and we
      will GLADLY send to anyone who wants to become a member.

      I hope that all of you continue to use and to profit from these
      lists --- and I especially urge all subscribers to post any relevant
      information or opinion to these lists. As we have said many times in
      the past, all of our lists are open to anyone who wants to subscribe
      and any subscriber can post any message---there is no review or
      approval process for messages to these lists.

      Finally, if you prefer to donate on-line with a credit card, there
      are two services which we recommend: JustGive and Network for Good.
      In both of these services, you can most quickly find Island Resources
      Foundation by noting that we are based in the Virgin Islands ---
      here's more information about these two services.....

      * JustGive is a nonprofit Web site dedicated to
      increasing charitable
      giving by simplifying the process and educating
      individuals. The web
      site is <http://www.justgive.org/>

      * Network for Good is a nonprofit Web site dedicated to providing
      citizens with the tools and resources they need to
      make informed
      philanthropic decisions and motivating them to take action.
      Citizens will have the opportunity to research causes
      and issues,
      learn about individual organizations, then donate money or time
      to become an advocate for a cause or organization
      they care about.

      No apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message - - -

      best wishes

      bruce potter

      Island Resources, the Virgin Islands and Washington
      For fastest mail service: 1718 "P" St NW # T-4, Washington, DC 20036
      Fone 202/265-9712 fax 202/232-0748; E-mail: <bpotter@...>
      Promote Island Resources---Send Your $35 Membership to the DC Office
      Publishers of 25 e-mail mailing lists for Caribbean Environmentalists
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