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Royal Caribbean On-Board Science Project

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2002
      At 1:09 PM +0000 11/29/2002, oceanspace@... wrote:
      >San Diego, California -- RD Instruments Inc. announced last week that its
      >next at-sea Ocean Surveyor (OS) advanced training course will be held in
      >cooperation with the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine &
      >Atmospheric Science, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines onboard the Royal
      >Caribbean Explorer of the Seas. RDI's Gina Lopez said the Royal Caribbean
      >vessel is the first ever cruise ship outfitted with state-of-the-art ocean
      >and atmospheric science labs. Each week, as the ship cruises on its
      >seven-day passage through the Caribbean, a full suite of scientific
      >instrumentation, including two RDI Ocean Surveyor phased-array acoustic
      >doppler current profilers, collects data on the Gulf Stream environment.
      >Every week, the ship's labs serve visiting scientists from around the world,
      >supported by onboard RSMAS staff, in exploiting the long-term scientific
      >observations made possible by the Explorer's repetitive cruise track. As a
      >supplement to the serious science conducted in the labs, the cruise liner
      >makes possible an interactive education and outreach program between the
      >science staff and the vessel's 3,000-plus passengers.
      >Visit the University of Miami website at http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/rccl/
      >for a complete description of the unique Explorer of the Seas scientific
      >vessel of opportunity program, she said.
      >Building on the success of September's advanced training course, conducted
      >by RDI aboard SEA Education's oceanographic research/sailing school vessel
      >(See Oceansp@ce No. 436, June 20, 2002.), the SSV Robert C. Seamans, the
      >firm is expanding the at-sea training concept, Lopez added. This new course
      >is designed to fit around the Explorer of the Seas schedule to depart Miami,
      >Florida, on May 10, 2003, and return to Miami on May 17. RDI trainers will
      >use real-time observations of the Gulf Stream to provide students with
      >advanced field training on the OS system set-up strategies, data
      >acquisition, and data interpretation -- as well as interaction with a
      >visiting principal investigator.
      >To explore the Explorer of the Seas, visit the Internet site at
      >http://www.royalcaribbean.com/; click on ships, Explorer of the Seas, for
      >the link. Space is limited for this event and slots will be filled on a
      >first-come, first-served basis. Visit http://www.rdinstruments.com/ for
      >detailed event information or contact Lopez at +1 (858) 693-1178, e-mail
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