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[Crbn NGOs] Nominate Now---World Legacy Awards . . .

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  • world legacy by way of Potter at Island
    (En espanol abajo-In spanish below) Conservation International and National Geographic Traveler Announce the ìWorld Legacy Awardsî Conservation International
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
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      (En espanol abajo-In spanish below)

      Conservation International and National Geographic
      Traveler Announce the ìWorld Legacy Awardsî

      Conservation International and National Geographic
      Traveler magazine announced the creation of the
      ìWorld Legacy Awards.î These awards, the first of its
      kind, will recognize outstanding businesses,
      organizations, and places that have made a significant
      contribution toward promoting the principles of
      sustainable tourism, and whose actions can serve as a
      role model for others. These standards include the
      conservation of nature, economic benefit to local
      peoples, and respect for cultural diversity.

      The newly-formed alliance between National Geographic
      Traveler magazine and Conservation International
      launches a global campaign to promote environmentally,
      culturally, and socially responsible tourism practices
      across a wider spectrum of the tourism industry, with
      the goal of protecting Earthís natural and cultural

      ìToo often, tourist resorts and destinations have
      focused on short-term gain with little regard for the
      environment or the people who live there-often the
      very things that attracted visitors in the first
      place,î said Costas Christ, Senior Director of
      Conservation Internationalís ecotourism department.
      ìWith the creation of the World Legacy Awards, we
      intend to raise the bar and encourage more businesses,
      organizations, and destinations to incorporate sound
      environmental and social policies into their

      With the United Nations declaration of 2002 as the
      International Year of Ecotourism, more attention is
      being focused on how the tourism industry can play a
      more positive role in the protection of nature and the
      well being of local people.

      ìTourists are looking for experiences that are
      rewarding and memorable, but the tourism industry can
      only be sustainable if the natural and cultural assets
      of the destination are protected, and if local people
      receive economic and social benefit from tourism
      activities,î said Jonathan Tourtellot, Geotourism
      Editor of National Geographic Traveler magazine. ìBy
      placing a value on a localeís natural, historic, and
      cultural attributes, we provide an incentive to
      protect them. This partnership ensures that future
      generations may enjoy the same attributes present

      Winners will be chosen in three categories:

      … Nature Travel
      This award honors a business, organization, or
      attraction making a positive contribution to the
      conservation of natural areas and biodiversity.
      Eligible nominees include eco-lodges, ecotourism
      operators, and community or privately owned nature
      reserves whose existence through tourism revenue helps
      ensure protection for wilderness areas, marine
      environments, and rare and endangered species.

      … Heritage Tourism
      This category recognizes a business, organization, or
      attraction making a positive contribution to cultural
      heritage and diversity. Community-based tourism
      projects, preservation of archeological sites, and
      activities that revive and enrich cultural traditions
      are eligible for the award.

      … Destination Stewardship
      This award recognizes a business, organization, local
      community or even regional government protecting the
      natural and cultural heritage of a destination.
      Eligible nominees include marine environments,
      wilderness areas, a unique province, or a region of a
      country rich in nature and cultural traditions
      committed to the highest standards in embracing the
      principles of responsible tourism.

      Nominees will be evaluated based on the contribution a
      project or overall destination makes to nature
      conservation and cultural heritage; generation of
      local economic benefit; promotion of these principles
      through education and awareness; and success in
      providing enriching, authentic travel experiences.
      They will be expected to show that their organization
      or destination achieves a significant and measurable
      positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem, the
      local culture, and the region as a whole.

      Winners will be announced this autumn on national
      television and honored at a gala awards ceremony. They
      will also be featured in National Geographic Traveler
      magazine, as well as the websites of CIís Ecotravel
      Center and National Geographic Traveler. The awards
      will attract international attention with the
      assistance of National Geographic Societyís reach
      through its expeditions, television, books, maps, and
      foreign editions.

      In its April issue, National Geographic Traveler will
      announce the partnership and the creation of the new
      award to its four million international readers.

      To learn more about the World Legacy Awards, visit
      www.wlaward.org and www.ecotour.org or send an email
      to worldlegacy@.... You may also write
      to: World Legacy Awards, Conservation International,
      1919 M Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036,
      USA. Deadline for applications is July 15, 2002.


      National Geographic Traveler reports on destinations
      of distinction and character, and strives to keep them
      that way. NGT urges communities and travel businesses
      to adopt policies that prevent over-commercialization,
      and support enterprises that sustain and enhance a
      ìsense of place,î in the belief that patronizing them
      will benefit both travelers and the destinations they
      visit. As the flagship travel magazine of the National
      Geographic Society, NGT brings to bear the authority
      gained by over a century of Society-sponsored research
      and exploration.

      Conservation International (CI) was founded in 1987 to
      conserve Earthís living natural heritage, our global
      biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies
      are able to live harmoniously with nature. CI, a
      field-based organization headquartered in Washington,
      DC works in more than 30 countries on four continents,
      drawing upon a unique array of scientific, economic,
      awareness building and policy tools to help people
      find economic alternatives without harming their
      natural environments. CIís focus is on places where
      the most species can be protected-the hotspots,
      tropical wilderness areas and key marine ecosystems.
      CI employs more than 1,000 employees worldwide, most
      of whom are residents of the countries in which they


      ConservaciÛn Internacional y la revista National
      Geographic Traveler anuncian "Premios de Herencia

      En el marco de la designaciÛn del 2002 como el AÒo
      Internacional del Ecoturismo, ConservaciÛn
      Internacional (CI) y la revista National Geographic
      Traveler anunciaron hoy la creaciÛn de los "Premios de
      Herencia Mundial". Esta iniciativa conjunta reconocer·
      a los negocios, organizaciones y lugares que hayan
      contribuido al desarrollo del turismo sostenible y
      cuyas acciones puedan servir como modelo para otros.
      Estas acciones incluyen la conservaciÛn de la
      naturaleza, la maximizaciÛn de los beneficios
      econÛmicos para las comunidades y el respeto por la
      diversidad cultural.
      "Los turistas buscan experiencias que sean
      gratificantes e inolvidables, pero la industria del
      turismo sÛlo puede ser sostenible si los recursos
      naturales y el patrimonio cultural de los puntos
      turÌsticos son protegidos y si las personas del lugar
      reciben beneficios econÛmicos y sociales de las
      actividades turÌsticas. Al agregar valor a los
      atributos naturales, histÛricos y culturales del lugar
      proporcionamos un incentivo para protegerlos", dijo el
      Editor de la revista Traveler, Jonathan Tourtellot.
      Los ganadores ser·n escogidos en tres categorÌas:
      Viaje natural, Patrimonio turÌstico y Manejo. Las dos
      primeras categorÌas ser·n presentadas a una empresa
      turÌstica, ya sea un operador de viajes, un albergue
      ecolÛgico o proyecto comunitario de turismo, que
      contribuya a la conservaciÛn de la biodiversidad y
      respete la herencia cultural del lugar. El tercer
      premio reconocer· a un negocio, organizaciÛn o
      gobierno por su excelencia en la protecciÛn del
      patrimonio natural y cultural de un lugar en su
      Los nominados tambiÈn ser·n juzgados de acuerdo a la
      contribuciÛn de su proyecto al beneficio econÛmico
      local, la promociÛn de pr·cticas de ecoturismo a
      travÈs de educaciÛn y concienciaciÛn, y logros en
      proveer experiencias de viaje autÈnticas y
      enriquecedoras. Asimismo, deben demostrar que tienen
      un impacto positivo y significativo en el ecosistema,
      en la gente y en la regiÛn.
      "Los Premios de Herencia Mundial reconocen el esfuerzo
      de los lÌderes de la industria del turismo que
      practican los principios del turismo sostenible. Estos
      principios incluyen turismo que contribuye a la
      conservaciÛn de la naturaleza y al bienestar de las
      personas en sus comunidades. Esta es una tremenda
      oportunidad para que los ganadores den a conocer su
      labor a nivel mundial y para diseminar pr·cticas de
      turismo responsables", agregÛ el Director del Programa
      de Ecoturismo de CI, Costas Christ.
      Los ganadores ser·n anunciados en la televisiÛn
      estadounidense y ser·n premiados en una ceremonia de
      gala. TambiÈn ser·n entrevistados por la revista
      Traveler que llega a m·s de cuatro millones de
      lectores en todo el mundo.

      Para m·s informaciÛn sobre los Premios de Herencia
      Mundial, visite www.wlaward.org y www.ecotour.org o
      mande un email a worldlegacy@.... Puede
      tambiÈn escribir a:
      World Legacy Awards
      Conservation International
      1919 M Street, NW, Suite 600
      Washington, DC 20036
      La fecha lÌmite para entregar solicitudes es el 15 de
      julio del 2002.

      ConservaciÛn Internacional (CI) fue fundada en 1987 en
      Washington y cree que la herencia natural del planeta
      debe de ser preservada si las futuras generaciones
      quieren prosperar espiritual, cultural y
      econÛmicamente. La misiÛn de CI es de conservar ese
      patrimonio natural del planeta - nuestra biodiversidad
      global - y demostrar que las sociedades humanas pueden
      convivir en armonÌa con la naturaleza. CI trabaja en
      m·s de 30 paÌses y en cuatro continentes, utilizando
      un conjunto de herramientas cientÌficas, econÛmicas,
      polÌticas y de toma de conciencia ambiental para
      ayudar a las personas a mejoras su calidad de vida,
      evitando que los recursos naturales se agoten.

      National Geographic Traveler (NGT) reporta sobre
      destinos de estilo y car·cter, y busca mantenerlos
      asÌ. NGT fomenta la adopciÛn de estrategias por parte
      de comunidades y negocios turÌsticos para prevenir la
      comercializaciÛn. Asimismo, apoya empresas que
      sostienen y mejoran el "sentido de lugar" y cree que
      el apoyo a dichas empresas beneficiar· a los turistas
      y a los lugares visitados. En el rol de revista de
      viajes de National Geographic Society, NGT utiliza la
      autoridad adquirida en m·s de un siglo de
      investigaciÛn auspiciada por la instituciÛn.

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