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something you HAVE TO know by Bhadra dasi

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  • Bhadra Dasi
    Dear researcher and friend fond of Vedic medicine. All problems originate from the mind, the 99% of the physical diseases are caused by the mind. I want you to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      Dear researcher and friend fond of Vedic medicine.

      All problems originate from the mind, the 99% of the physical diseases are caused by the mind.

      I want you to know that the "unconscious" mind (called in sánskrit language "nirbhuddi") stored 25 mental picture images per second with ALL the details and subtle nuances of color, temperature, point of dimension, space, sounds, tactile textures, your emotions of the exact moment etc. These remembrances some times are occluded or blocked due to the important messages they content and due to our desire not to know or confront things that we, illusory, consider unpleasing. But if we would be able to confront these things and observe them properly, we would not only lose the fear of them but we can, for sure, attain a great happiness, relief and personal realization, and that would put us more in a situation to be CAUSE over the universe in which we live, over our environment, over our desires and over the desires that we want to believe that are ours, but which are not ours actually and that have been subtly installed or implanted by others throughout this life and pasts lives which we have "forgotten" from time immemorial…

      How can we understand that outside us, when we can barely realize that which goes on within our mind?.

      Yes, at the present moment we are more EFFECT than CAUSE and that’s why we are fond of assigning responsibility to external things, blaming other persons or circumstances, so we become more and more EFFECT over what the environment impose us, of what other people impose us, our prejudices and those which we have accepted as ours without have been even aware of this fact. This is the reason why they can slave us severely, for this mechanism is as if one is being shoot by an enemy that one can not see, one could not defends one self.

      But with the powerful weapon of "Samskaras Processing" or astrological therapy of Samskaras (that is the term used to describe the impressions stored in our inner mind) actually there is NO LIMIT to the extent of experiences that you could remember by your self and so bring a solution for this life enigmas as well as for your past lives.

      For example: you would be amazed if you would know the things you have listened to while you were in the womb of your mother, if you would learn that her emotions, problems, sensations, thoughts etc. that she have had during her pregnancy are controlling you TODAY, like if you were a puppet moved by invisible yarns. ONLY the Samskaras Processing can disclose these secrets to you, and this of course, is using the sacred knowledge of the sideral hindu vedic astrology JYOTISH VEDA.

      If you want a personal appointment, this therapy system would be much more deep. Nonetheless, if you live outside Monterrey NL (in Mexico) you can also send me your birth date with the exact hour, month wrote in letters (not in number) and place as well as the five more important events in your life (with their corespondent dates if possible) and via e-mail I can also treat you with the Samskaras Processing Technique, for it have no limitations for one who have mastered it until perfection. I gladly will send you a free personal demonstration of the Samskara Process.

      My name is Bhadra Dasi I thank your attention to this message for this information is of immeasurable importance to you. I wait for your kind response and, i desire you good luck in your journey and desiring that you will never be the same.

      Om tat sat.

      Bhadra Dasi.

      P.S. Please give this information to any person that you consider can take advantage of it.

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