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CAST Organized Input to the Caribbean Tourism Summit

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  • Kelly Robinson by way of Bruce at Islan
    [Note that the deadline for input to this process is MAY 11. . . . . . correspond directly with Kelly Robinson at . . . . bp]
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      [Note that the deadline for input to this process is MAY 11. . . .
      . . correspond directly with Kelly Robinson at
      <krobinson@...> . . . . bp]

      CARIBBEAN TOURISM SUMMIT: July 2 - 7, 2001

      The Caribbean is one of the world's most tourism dependant regions.
      In 1996, the industry is estimated to
      have accounted for one out of every five job opportunities and to
      have contributed US$ 6.5 billion in taxes. The projected annual 4.6%
      growth in stay over visitor arrivals leading to the year 2010 is
      expected to generate the need for 222,000 hotel rooms, an increase of
      over 20%. Similarly, not only do the benefits of tourism impact on
      the economy, but the adverse impacts of tourism also impact on the
      entire economy through investment decisions and ecosystem linkages.

      Given the tremendous growth of the industry, and the region's
      dependency on tourism, the CARICOM Heads of Government have elected
      to convene a Tourism Summit in the Bahamas from July 2nd to July 9th.
      There are seven key areas of interest which will be discussed;
      Regional Marketing, Caribbean Product, Investment, Airlift, Human
      Resouce Development, Technology, and Linkages. Within the key area
      of Product Development, The Environment and Sustainability has been
      identified as a sub-sector.

      To date, the process established by CARICOM for inclusion in the
      Tourism Summit is a meeting of Heads of Government with regional and
      international experts in the field. Although they have not requested
      formal papers, we are preparing a set of briefing papers for
      representatives who will be attending.

      Given that this a valuable opportunity to put forward specific
      recommendations, and the expertise that are
      contained within the various regional and national organizations that
      comprise our Technical Advisory Committee, we would like to solicit
      your assistance in identifying what are the MOST CRITICAL
      recommendations and in reviewing the position paper.

      If you would like to put forward specific strategies or have relevant
      information for this process, please respond to
      <krobinson@...> with a written statement for consideration.
      We would propose interventions follow the following topics, but feel
      free to raise any other issues you feel relevant. As a side note,
      Tourism Linkages is a seperate subject. Please submit topics for
      consideration by May 11th to <krobinson@...>

      1. SIDS
      2. Environmental Treaties
      3. Building Codes and Siting & Design Issues
      4. Green Technologies
      5. Public Health & Visitor Safety

      We will convene a small working group made up of various institutions
      to work on May 16th in San Juan on a process of selection. We have
      been advised that we should limit our recommendations to four or five
      very specific actions. This group will produce a document that will
      be circulated on the CAST TAC Intranet Site for comments. The final
      output will be presented to the Caribbean Hotel Association
      delegation for their endorsement and support during the Summit. The
      same will be presented to the Caribbean Tourism Organization for
      their endorsement and consideration as well.

      If you have not yet registered for the CAST TAC Intranet site, please
      do so immediately so that you may participate in these important
      discussions. If you have any difficulties or are unsure how to
      register, please contact Mabel Sanabria at msanabria@... or

      Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to working with you
      on this valuable opportunity.

      Kind regards,
      Kelly Robinson
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