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Press Release - "CAST National Coordinator Named for AHATA"

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  • Mabel Sanabria by way of Bruce Potter
    Press Release For immediate distribution Contact: Mabel Sanabria Tel. 787-725-9139, msanabria@caribbeanhotels.org CAST National Coordinator Named for
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      Press Release
      For immediate distribution

      Mabel Sanabria
      Tel. 787-725-9139, msanabria@...

      CAST National Coordinator Named for AHATA

      (October 31, 2000; Aruba) The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable
      Tourism (CAST) and the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA)
      announced yesterday that they have joined efforts to create a CAST
      National Coordinator position to facilitate direct contact with
      Aruban hoteliers. The Coordinator is based in the AHATA offices in
      Aruba, and is expected to affect hotel operations in the region by
      moving local hotels forward in their sustainable efforts by involving
      hoteliers, environmental groups, suppliers and government officials.

      St. Lucian national Michael Salton was chosen as the first National
      Coordinator in Aruba. It is expected that the presence of Salton, a
      Marine Biologist with a Master's in Environmental Biology, will
      benefit the local industry. Aruba is the second Caribbean
      destination to have a national Coordinator. The Dominican Republic
      was attributed this title last year, when Ainoa Luna was positioned
      in the ASONAHORES office to assist local hoteliers.

      Creating awareness through tourism and environmental activities and
      projects, serving as a direct liaison between hotel association and
      environmental forums and the developing environmental platforms at
      National Hotel Association events are amongst services to be provided
      by the National Coordinators. The local delivery of training
      programs and audits will also represent an added value to AHATA's

      "Aruba has always been an environmentally proactive Caribbean
      destination. CAST has done multiple training programs on topics such
      as renewable energy, housekeeping, and waste management, amongst
      others in Aruba", commented Kelly Robinson, CAST Director. "We are
      looking forward to much success for the Aruban hotel industry with
      the creation of this new position".

      CAST is a non-profit membership based program that delivers
      practical, hands-on services to hoteliers. Its mission is to
      enhance the region's hotel and tourism operators by offering high
      quality education and training related to sustainable tourism. CAST
      also promotes the industry's efforts and successes to the traveling
      public and other stakeholders and serves as a vital link to all
      stakeholders with sustainable tourism interests in the Wider
      Caribbean Region. CAST offers its members cost savings through more
      efficient energy, water, and solid waste management. It adds
      marketing impacts, generated by news and features released to
      international media as well as recognition of hotel's proactive
      stance by tour operators.

      Those hotels that choose to become members of CAST can conduct a
      self-audit, measuring their current performance against the industry
      benchmarks. Once the hotel has decided on a plan of priority action,
      CAST provides the materials and training necessary to help hoteliers
      achieve these green operational standards. Services include
      publications, signage, best practice videos, workshops, energy and
      water audits, technical support, a directory of environmentally
      friendly hospitality supplies available in the Caribbean, and
      on-going publicity of their environmental activities.

      Membership in CAST also includes international affiliations with IHEI
      and GREEN GLOBE 21 programs. Liaisons with global programs are
      essential to the success of regional initiatives. IHEI provides CAST
      with researched materials, publications, and a system of networking
      that would otherwise be out of the grasp of regional resources.
      Green Globe 21 serves as a marketing mechanism-sensitizing hoteliers
      and consumers worldwide as to the importance of choosing an
      environmentally responsible travel destinations. GREEN GLOBE 21
      endorses the CAST programs and services of CAST, while offering an
      international benchmark so which Caribbean tourism businesses aspire.

      Aruba is also on its way to becoming one of the regional leaders in
      the regional Green Globe 21 certification program. Amsterdam Manor
      Beach Resort was the first hotel to receive the international
      recognition in the country. Bucuti Beach Resort and Costa Linda
      Beach Resort are currently in the process of being certified and hope
      to be before the end of the year. La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino is
      also in the process of obtaining the Green Globe 21 Certification. La
      Cabana will work closely with Michael Salton to try to accomplish
      this early next year. He will be based out of La Cabana and will have
      full use of all facilities. Having Michael as Environmental
      Coordinator will benefit all CAST-members, and he will surely add
      more members to the EBA-CAST list.

      CAST helps to improve and sustain the Caribbean tourism product. "We
      believe that the implementation of these programs can be a reality
      only at a local level, and with Michael Salton at AHATA we expect to
      achieve just that", commented Robinson, who has seen her staff grow
      from two to seven in less than a year.

      "If no one ever took risks, Michelangelo would have painted on the
      Sistine floor."
      - Neil Simon, American Playwright; 1927
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