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trouble in Punta Cana and other DR (eco) tourism news

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  • Yacine Khelladi
    2. Long-time squatters evicted from Punta Cana property 3. Veron evictions put to a stop 11. Baby turtles to hatch in front of Dominicus beach 11. Asonahores
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      2. Long-time squatters evicted from Punta Cana property
      3. Veron evictions put to a stop
      11. Baby turtles to hatch in front of Dominicus beach
      11. Asonahores opposes Saona municipality bill

      This english news are from www.dr1.com press review.

      Note: Punta Cana Beach Resort is member of CAST. I'm not sure if it is
      in the same land that is under dispute but they also have a project of
      gulf course in association with Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta..

      > DR1 Daily News -- Tuesday, 1 August 2000
      > 3. Veron evictions put to a stop
      > President Leonel Fernandez ordered the chief of the Police, Major
      > General Pedro de Jesus Candelier and the state representative to
      > suspend the eviction of squatters on Grupo Punta Cana claimed lands in
      > Veron. The Grupo Punta Cana on Friday, Saturday and Sunday began the
      > eviction of 70 families that refused their offer to relocate.
      > Reportedly, the Grupo Punta Cana has court judgements in their favor,
      > establishing their right to the eviction. Monsignor de la Rosa told El
      > Siglo newspaper that President called him at 10 pm on Sunday to say
      > that he had ordered the evictions be suspended and that talks resumed.
      > News reports say that about 100 families accepted offers to relocate
      > made by the eastern company.

      > DR1 Daily News -- Monday, 31 July 2000
      > ********************************************************************
      > 2. Long-time squatters evicted from Punta Cana property
      > Armed forces proceeded to evict 70 families that refused to accept
      > relocation offers by the Grupo Punta Cana in the La Altagracia
      > province. The Punta Cana tourism entrepreneurs battled the eviction of
      > the squatters for more than 20 years. They had received eviction
      > judgments but these had not been able to be implemented by the
      > military and police until now. The eviction was finally carried out on
      > Friday and Saturday.
      > The company offered squatters to relocate to a nearby barrio, where
      > streets, electricity poles, and potable water facilities near Punta
      > Cana. The church and school of the town would not be relocated. The
      > families are being provided with property titles to the new lots where
      > homes would be built. The company also contributed 225 workers to help
      > with the construction.
      > Press reports say that about 100 families accepted the offers, while
      > about 70 families held on. The Grupo Punta Cana said that these
      > families represent commercial interests of others. The evicted
      > families had the support of the Bishop of Higuey, the governor of the
      > province and the El Seibo senator who said that the PLD government
      > should not have taken the action at the end of its term. Those against
      > the eviction burned tires in Higuey, the capital of the La Altagracia
      > province in protest. Several businesses in Higuey also closed down in
      > support of the evicted.

      > 28 June 2000
      > 11. Baby turtles to hatch in front of Dominicus beach
      > In seven to eight weeks, or by mid July, 80 to 100 leatherback turtles
      > will hatch on southeastern Dominicus Beach, in front of the Club Viva
      > Dominicus. The mother turtle laid her eggs there on 14-15 May. The
      > mother turtle is estimated to weigh over 600 kilos. Scientists believe
      > she was born at Dominicus beach about 100 years ago and returned to
      > lay her eggs. Club Viva Dominicus has fenced in the area where the
      > turtle lay her eggs, to protect these from onlookers and predators.
      > The newspaper says that the hotel is keeping a close watch on the
      > mother in order to shut off illumination near the beach to avoid
      > disorienting the baby turtles when they are born. The baby turtles
      > have been known to follow the lights and not head into the water as
      > they are supposed to. The hotel has assigned a day and a night
      > watchman to keep a close eye on the mother turtle.
      > 23-June-20000
      > > 11. Asonahores opposes Saona municipality bill
      > > The National Hotel & Restaurant Association opposes the bill presented
      > > by Iván Rondón (PRI-Hato Mayor) that would give municipality status to
      > > the Island of Saona. The 70-square kilometer island at present is part
      > > of the National Park of the East. If it received municipality status,
      > > it would no longer be under the protection of the National Parks
      > > Department.
      > > President of Asonahores, Rafael Blanco Canto sent a letter to the
      > > president of the Senate, urging the latter to not pass the bill.
      > > Saona island receives approximately 200,000 tourists a year.
      > > The island has a population of about 400 inhabitants.

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