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  • Bruce Potter at IRF
    [Using four-star hotels to attract cruise ships has it backwards -- one hotel guest spends hundreds of dollars per day that STAY in Dominica much more
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2011
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      [Using four-star hotels to attract cruise ships has it backwards --
      one hotel guest spends hundreds of dollars per day that STAY in
      Dominica much more persistently than every cruise ship passenger who
      seldom spend as much as 50 dollars (remember that only a third of
      cruise passengers get off the ship). And yachtsmen stay away from
      cruise ship crowds--don't just believe my three years of cruising in
      the Eastern Caribbean, ask the residents of Cane Garden Bay in
      Tortola, for example. bp]

      from Caribbean news http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/topstory-Work-starts-on-new-four-star-hotel-site-in-Dominica-5323.html

      Work starts on new four star hotel site in Dominica
      Published on March 4, 2011 Email To Friend Print Version

      by Pearl Fontaine

      ROSEAU, Dominica (GIS) -- Work on a 50-room four star hotel, financed
      through grant funds by Morocco, has commenced on a 4.6-acre property
      in Dominica known as Sunshine Village between the Cabrits and Lagoon,

      Over the past two weeks heavy equipment has been clearing the site and
      demolishing abandoned buildings in preparation for actual construction

      Minister for Tourism and Legal Affairs, Ian Douglas, said the site
      chosen for such a massive hotel development is ideal.

      He said once this hotel is constructed it will serve to attract cruise
      ships and provide for increased yacht arrivals in the town of

      �The area lends itself to tourism development. Way back in 1968/69,
      there was a report that was commissioned called Sankla and Corks
      report and many other reports that have been done throughout that
      period have always named the northern area in general with specific
      areas around Portsmouth. This is because of its geographical features:
      it is flat, it borders the Caribbean Sea, which is usually calm, and
      the swampy nature of the Cabrits especially as far as marine
      development and yachting is concerned. All of these factors make the
      entire Lagoon, Purple Turtle, Belle Hall and Cotton Hill area ideal
      for the development of tourism related ventures,� Douglas explained.

      �We have about 700 hotel rooms in Dominica. That is grossly inadequate
      to meet the needs, both present and growing and the future development
      of the tourism industry. Therefore, the more we can add to our hotel
      room stock in Dominica, it would be in the best interest of the growth
      of the tourism industry,� he added.

      The construction of the fifty room hotel is expected to result in the
      creation of several employment opportunities for nationals.

      �We are talking about a 50-room hotel. If we take an average of about
      two to three employees per room, we are looking at a minimum of 150
      employees needed for the minimal running of the hotel. I would believe
      the same would be applicable for the construction of the hotel. In
      addition, there are a lot of ancillary services and backward and
      forward linkages that go with an investment of this type including
      food supplies, cleaning, cooking and restaurant services. That will
      lead to the creation of jobs for the smooth running of the hotel,�
      Douglas said.

      Meantime, a group of skilled Moroccans are expected to arrive in
      Dominica shortly to construct the hotel.

      The minister views this as an added advantage, as local tradesmen will
      have the opportunity to learn from these experts.

      �We want a state of the art building. We want a building that is
      second to none in the Caribbean, one that is really befitting of the
      Nature Isle of the world, Dominica. If we want the best, the Moroccans
      seem to have that kind of expertise. Consequently, they are coming
      down with that expertise to share with our local artisans and
      construction workers.

      �I understand that Moroccans are experts when it comes to mosaic tile
      laying and woodwork. They are master craftsmen. We believe that these
      skilled persons in Dominica could benefit tremendously from such
      expertise and knowledge and skills that they would bring to bear on a
      project of this type,� Douglas said.

      Once the hotel is constructed it will be handed over to a regional or
      international hotel chain to be managed. The approximate cost of the
      hotel is in the area of US$40 million.

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