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Fwd: Scrub Island update: British Virgin Islands.

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  • Bruce Potter at IRF
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      > Date: March 11, 2010 7:51:59 PM EST
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      > Subject: Scrub Island update
      > Scrub starts hosting guests
      > Written by BVI Beacon Webmaster
      > Wednesday, 10 March 2010
      > �It�s all the little details, lots of little details,� said James
      > Talton, rushing from room to room of the nearly completed Scrub
      > Island Resort on a recent Friday afternoon. Bright halogen bulbs
      > hung from one wall, with missing fixtures. Rough unpainted patches
      > dotted another. As Mr. Talton spoke, buzz saws whined in the
      > background and hammering erupted in periodic bursts.
      > Last month, Scrub Island opened its doors to owners, and visitors
      > took advantage of a reduced soft opening nightly rate of $399 � even
      > as construction workers put the final touches on the resort.
      > Additions like an $80,000 bar made of petrified wood, flaming
      > ceramic bowls and a waterfall that cascades down a glass staircase
      > are finally being set into place, touches developers hope will set
      > their five-star property apart from others in the territory.
      > As the senior vice president of the Mainsail Development Group, Mr.
      > Talton has overseen construction through the project�s controversial
      > history.
      > In 2007, work stalled after government issued a compliance letter,
      > requiring developers to ramp up environmental protections. The
      > following year, the global economic crisis delayed a $99 million
      > refinancing package. Workers were left unpaid for months, labour
      > disputes erupted and the site was temporarily abandoned.
      > These days, most of the construction challenges are over. Mainsail
      > downgraded some of its features in 2008, in part to cut costs. The
      > sloping �beach� entrance to the pool, the swim-up bar and
      > overhanging waterfalls were kept. An expensive grotto feature was not.
      > �We are keeping the amenities that people are looking for,� Mr.
      > Talton said, as he walked past a bubbling hot tub.
      > The full article appears in the March 11, 2010 issue.
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