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  • Bruce Potter, IRF
    Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Operations Officer of the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) provides a direct link to the WTTC sponsored report ... -- -- 35 Years of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2009
      Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Operations Officer of the World Tourism and Travel
      Council (WTTC) provides a direct link to the WTTC sponsored report

      >Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 15:25:06 +0000 (GMT)
      >From: Ufi Ibrahim <wttcvp@...>
      >Subject: Re: Fw: Commitments and additional media coverage of the
      >Coral Triangle Summit
      >To: "Bruce Potter, IRF" <brucepotter1942@...>

      >Dear Bruce
      >Thank you for your email. I have sent the link to Susi and asked for
      >her assistance in sharing the link with everyone. If you do not
      >receive this email, then please go to
      >from where you can download the report.
      >I look forward to your feedback on the report.
      >Kind regards
      >Ufi Ibrahim
      >Chief Operations Officer
      >World Travel & Tourism Council
      >Tel: +44 (0)207 481 8007
      >Mobile: +44 (0) 777 593 6385
      >Email: <mailto:ufi.ibrahim@...>ufi.ibrahim@...
      > <mailto:wttcvp@...>wttcvp@...
      >From: "Bruce Potter, IRF" <brucepotter1942@...>
      >To: Ufi Ibrahim <wttcvp@...>
      >Sent: Friday, 22 May, 2009 15:33:32
      >Subject: Re: Fw: Commitments and additional media coverage of the
      >Coral Triangle Summit
      >Ufi -- good news indeed . . .
      >It would be good to see the WTTC to set up some best practices, such
      >as the water saving technologies described in the article referenced
      >(Note that your attachment is a bit over 5 megabytes which is much
      >too big to be accepted by most of the Internet Service Providers for
      >the Caribbean islands where we do most of our messaging.)
      >At 10:29 AM -0400 5/22/09, Potter at Island Resources wrote:
      >>Follow the link to our Island Resources Blog
      >><http://irf.org/wordpress/>http://irf.org/wordpress/ for an article
      >>(On Golf Courses, Sensors
      >>Help Save Water) from the New York Times about new technologies that
      >>can drastically reduce overall water use, and the discharge of
      >>surface pollutants FROM GOLF COURSES. This is a special problem for
      >>golf courses in tropical areas, and these moderately priced
      >>technologies should be considered as a standard requirement for
      >>project approval.
      >>Bruce Potter
      >At 10:50 AM +0000 5/22/09, Ufi Ibrahim wrote:
      >>Dear Suzi and GLISPA Members
      >>This is excellent news. Congratulations to everyone involved in
      >>facilitating the commitment of Indonesia and the other states.
      >>I wanted to share with you all the work of the World Travel &
      >>Tourism Council (WTTC) on Climate Change. We recently launched the
      >>attached 'Leading the challenge on Climate Change' report setting
      >>out ten actions which will make a progressive difference to efforts
      >>tackling climate change. These are based on an industry aspiration
      >>to reduce total CO2 emissions by 2035 by no less than 50% from
      >>their 2005 levels. It sets an interim target of reducing CO2
      >>emissions by 30% by 2020, assuming there is an international
      >>agreement on global emission reduction, or by 25% by 2020 in the
      >>absence of such an agreement.
      >>I am now leading a major effort at WTTC to gather case studies from
      >>destinations, as well as Travel & Tourism companies, to share best
      >>practice in tackling climate change and environmental protection
      >>across the world. I would like to learn more about the efforts of
      >>Indonesia and other countries in this regard. Would you be able to
      >>share this with me? Also, I welcome the input of other GLISPA
      >>colleagues in pointing toward case studies of exemplary practice,
      >>so that we may help to share this with the 220 million people
      >>employed by Travel & Tourism worldwide.
      >>I look forward to hearing from you all.
      >>Kind regards,
      >>Ufi Ibrahim
      >>Chief Operations Officer
      >>World Travel & Tourism Council
      >>Tel: +44 (0)207 481 8007
      >>Mobile: +44 (0) 777 593 6385
      >>Email: <mailto:ufi.ibrahim@...>ufi.ibrahim@...
      >> <mailto:wttcvp@...>wttcvp@...
      >>Sent: Friday, 22 May, 2009 8:04:25
      >>Subject: Commitments and additional media coverage of the Coral
      >>Triangle Summit
      >>Dear GLISPA colleagues,
      >>The commitments by the six Coral Triangle countries (Indonesia,
      >>Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste)
      >>during the Coral Triangle Initiative Summit in Manado last week are
      >>unprecedented and truly inspiring. As GLISPA, we couldn't be more
      >>pleased that the initial announcement by the President of Indonesia to
      >>work with its neighbouring countries on marine conservation -- made at
      >>the same GLISPA High Level Event at COP8 in Curitiba that saw the launch
      >>of the Micronesia Challenge and the establishment of the Phoenix Islands
      >>Protected Area, now the largest MPA in the world -- has developed into
      >>this extraordinary set of actions (see list below)
      >>Here's some additional details of the Summit:
      >> Good summary of the CTI Summit by the Jakarta Post at
      >> Earth Negotiation Bulletin summany of the CTI Summit (attached)
      >> Summary of the whole World Ocean Conference and the CTI Summit
      >>at <http://www.iisd.ca/oceans/woc2009/>http://www.iisd.ca/oceans/woc2009/
      >>Commitments made by individual governments and partners at the CTI
      >>Summit include:
      >>* Indonesia launched the Savu Sea Marine National Park - the
      >>largest marine protected areas in the Coral Triangle - covering 8.649
      >>million acres and reaching their target of over 33 million acres,
      >>exceeding the goal of 24.7 million acres (10 million hectares). They set
      >>a new goal of almost 50 million acres and to effectively manage all
      >>existing MPAs.
      >>* Indonesia and the Philippines each have committed $5 million in
      >>financial aid towards regional action. Papua New Guinea committed $2
      >>million and Malaysia committed $1 million.
      >>* Australia committed to more than $2 million in immediate funding
      >>for critical projects in the Coral Triangle - the first phase in an
      >>ongoing plan to support the CTI.
      >>* Through NOAA, the United States announced $1.6 million for
      >>capacity building
      >>* And seven new partners committed to support the Coral Triangle
      >>Initiative, including France, Association of Southeast Asian Nations,
      >>IUCN, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development
      >>These announcements are in addition to the over $100 million in
      >>multi-year grants from donor agencies given in recent months that
      >>directly support implementation of the Coral Triangle Initiative,
      >>including $63 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), $2
      >>million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), $40 million from the U.S.
      >>government and 2mil Euros from the German government. An additional $300
      >>million of grant and loan projects also support aspects of the Coral
      >>Triangle Initiative and are part of the co-financing package for the GEF
      >>Leaders of the six governments of the Coral Triangle countries will
      >>collectively and individually commit to five over-arching goals and a
      >>set of ten targets:
      >>Goal #1: Priority Seascapes (large marine areas) designated and
      >>effectively managed
      >>* By 2012: "Priority Seascapes" designated, with investment plans
      >>completed and sequenced
      >>* By 2020: Marine and coastal resources within all "Priority
      >>Seascapes" are being sustainably managed
      >>Goal #2: Ecosystem approach to management of fisheries (EAFM) and other
      >>marine resources fully applied
      >>* By 2012: Strong legislative, policy and regulatory frameworks in
      >>place for achieving an ecosystem approach to fisheries management
      >>* By 2020: Improved income, livelihoods and food security in an
      >>increasingly significant number of coastal communities across the region
      >>through a new Sustainable Coastal Fisheries and Poverty Reduction
      >>* By 2020: Effective measures in place to help ensure exploitation
      >>of shared tuna stocks is sustainable, with tuna spawning areas and
      >>juvenile growth stages adequately protected
      >>* By 2020: A more effective management and more sustainable trade
      >>in live-reef fish and reef-based ornamentals achieved
      >>Goal #3: Marine protected areas (MPAs) established and effectively
      >>* By 2020: Region-wide Coral Triangle MPA System (CTMPAS) in place
      >>and fully functional
      >>Goal #4: Climate change adaptation measures achieved
      >>* By 2015: Region-wide Early Action Plan for Climate Change
      >>Adaption for the near-shore marine and coastal environment and small
      >>islands ecosystems developed and implemented
      >>* By 2013: Networked National Centers of Excellence on Climate
      >>Change Adaptation for marine and coastal environments are established
      >>and in full operation
      >>Goal #5: Threatened species status improving
      >>* By 2020: Improved status of sharks, sea turtles, seabirds,
      >>marine mammals corals, seagrass, mangroves and other identified
      >>threatened species

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