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Pedal power - increase in biking holidays as holidaymakers think 'green'

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  • Krissy Pentland
    MEDIA RELEASE: 10 June 2008 Pedal power - increase in biking holidays as holidaymakers think green responsibletravel.com, the world s leading online
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      MEDIA RELEASE: 10 June 2008

      Pedal power - increase in biking holidays as holidaymakers think 'green'

      responsibletravel.com, the world's leading online directory of specialist, hand-picked holidays received a 86% increase in the number of enquiries from people looking for cycling holidays between 31 May 2007 and 1 June 2008, compared to the same period the previous year.

      The statistics are released to coincide with National Bike Week in the UK (14 - 22 June). Justin Francis, co-founder of responsibletravel.com said:

      "We are seeing more and more people consider their everyday transport and commuting options so it makes sense that travellers are starting to hop on a saddle when on holiday too. Cycling is a fantastic way to explore a destination. You are more likely to interact with local people and appreciate local scenery. It's also much easier to get off the beaten track by bike. Of course, it's also a much greener way to travel and a great way to work of the holiday excess!"

      More bikes on holiday
      An unscientific but nevertheless, insightful straw poll of 100 responsibletravel.com travellers revealed that 58% of people would love to cycle more on their holidays but find that bikes are not always available. An overwhelming 86% of people said that it was the best way to explore the local area whilst on holiday.

      responsibletravel.com is calling on all travel companies, however large or small, to offer bikes to customers. Francis commented: "Travellers both young and old, are telling us that whether it's a specialist biking holiday or a rented accommodation by the sea, they want more access to bikes whilst on holiday."

      A bicycle made for two
      When asked which celebrity they would most like to share a tandem biking holiday with, a staggering 39% of travellers said Michael Palin, with a further 20% opting for an adventurous ride with Indiana Jones. Nelson Mandela got the green light from 12% of travellers. However, green figureheads Prince Charles, Stella McCartney and Bono do little to push our pedals apparently, coming bottom of the list of most desired tandem partners.

      Riding off into the sunset on a .what?!
      Over 64% of travellers chose the mountain bike as their ideal cycling holiday machine but the classic and traditional 'sit up and beg' bike was a popular second with backing from 19% of people.

      Pack me a picnic, I'm off!
      Take your pick from over 200 responsibletravel.com's specialist cycling holidays at: www.responsibletravel.com/cycling

      25% off 8 day Ardeche mountain biking holiday until 1 July - now from £263 - £338
      The Ardèche is home to a huge range of pristine and quiet tracks and trails. Explore the best of the area with guides and stay in self-catering or half board accommodation and stopping for lunch at a market or local restaurant.

      Self guided cycling holidays in England from £180 (3 days) - £510 (8 days)
      Whether you want to cycle through countryside, experience coasts and cliffs, or visit quiet backwaters and historic towns, there is no better way to see England than on a bike. These trips can be arranged for a weekend, a short break or a week-long trip riding on quiet roads, traffic free paths and National Cycle Network routes. All are self-guided, allowing you to cycle at your own pace. Accommodation, transfer of luggage and a detailed itinerary are all provided.

      Cycling day tours in Cape Town - from £32 per person, for half day tour
      This community based bicycle tour scheme in the township of Masiphumelela has facilitated the importation of second hand bicycles to South Africa where they are renovated in bicycle workshops, offering training and employment for members of the local community. The bikes are then used on these tours, led by local guides. Your tour fee goes directly to the local people. Price includes 14% VAT, transport to and from accommodation, bicycle, equipment and lunch in a local home.

      16 day Unicycle tours in Kenya and Tanzania from £1,562
      Most people believe that the only way to see Africa is by vehicle. After a couple of days riding you will realise that this is the perfect way to truly appreciate this magnificent continent.

      Travel from Nairobi in Kenya through Tanzania to Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean coast. Riding far from busy roads and main tourist routes you will experience a different face of Africa - local villages and traditional tribesmen, breathtaking scenery and wildlife grazing on the plains. Follow the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro with its snow-covered peaks and camp in the wilderness under a cloudless African sky.

      Price includes accommodation, transport, activities and most meals. Includes local payment $250.

      Women only mountain biking holidays in British Columbia, Canada - from £160 (3 days) - £145 (7 days)
      By riding with local guides, you will get a true feel for the unique flavour of interior British Columbia. You'll ride the same trails the locals do, and visit that secret hotspring or waterfall that only a select few know about.

      All offers are subject to availability. Visit www.responsibletravel.com/cycling to find out more.

      Trailblazing families
      Read about one trailblazing family from the US in the comments section of this blog post below. They have ridden nearly 1,000 miles around the USA and Mexico and have just set off again to pedal from Alaska to Argentina for the next two and a hlaf years:

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      Notes to editors

      About responsibletravel.com:
      responsibletravel.com is an online travel directory - based in Brighton, England - launched in 2001 for travellers who want more real and authentic holidays that also benefit the environment and local people. responsibletravel.com markets carefully pre-screened, handpicked holidays from over 270 specialist operators and over 550 accommodations.

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