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  • Bruce Potter, IRF
    [There does seem to be some room for questions to the election monitors about these polls. . .bp] ... -- -- 35 Years of Environmental Service to Small
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      [There does seem to be some room for questions to
      the "election monitors" about these polls. . .bp]

      >Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 13:08:08 -0400
      >To: Bruce Potter <bpotter@...>, Iain Orr <biodiplomacy@...>
      >Subject: Trip Advisor Award
      >From: Bob Conrich <eastofthesun2@...>

      >The Daily Herald
      >St. Maarten
      >6 May 2008
      >Travellers rate island as Best Caribbean travel spot
      > ~Named number three in the world~
      >PHILIPSBURG--Despite complaints about the
      >traffic congestion and fast-paced development,
      >St. Maarten was rated the number three
      >traveller's choice destination in the world by
      >TripAdvisor. The island also holds the number
      >one spot for preferred destination in the
      >TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel
      >information site and community on the internet,
      >hosts more than 15 million travel reviews and
      >opinions and nearly 30 million unique visitors a
      >month. The winners were chosen by a combination
      >of TripAdvisor travellers' favourite places and
      >overall popularity on the site.
      >Taking the top spot was Milford Sound, New
      >Zealand, followed by Queenstown, New Zealand,
      >Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Cayo Largo, Cuba;
      >Rhodes, Greece; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas;
      >Cruz Bay, St. John; Bridgetown, Barbados; Banff,
      >Canada and Lake Tahoe, California.
      >An elated Tourism Commissioner Roy Marlin said,
      >"This is great news for us. It is a tribute to
      >the hard work, dedication and commitment of
      >those working in the tourism sector, and in
      >particular of the frontline employees who come
      >into direct contact with the visitors on a daily
      >basis. They are responsible for St. Maarten
      >being known as the Friendly Island."
      >More than rating above Caribbean destinations
      >such as Barbados and St. John with more
      >marketing presence and money to spend on
      >exposure, the fact that the recognition comes
      >from seasoned travellers is "very gratifying,"
      >Marlin said.
      >The recognition is an endorsement of the
      >island's beauty and unique experience offered to
      >travellers as well as an improved level of
      >service and visitor attractions.
      >TripAdvisor covers more than 212,000 hotels and
      >74,000 attractions in over 30,000 destinations
      >around the world. This week, 18,110,543
      >travellers from 190 countries planned trips
      >using the website.
      >Tourism stakeholders hope that the exposure on
      >this site will help boost the island's image
      >significantly as a quality destination and a
      >year-round choice, a goal that is being worked
      >on vigorously.
      >The recognition from actual travellers heartens
      >tourism officials after the harsh rating
      >received in the National Geographic Traveler's
      >Destination Scorecard late last year. Reviewed
      >by 522 experts in the field of development,
      >environment, tourism and other disciplines, the
      >island was tagged as "in serious trouble" from
      >over-development and loss of charm.
      >Copyright ©2008 The Daily Herald St. Maarten
      >Robert S. Conrich, ACIArb
      >Box 666
      >Anguilla AI-0264 bob@...
      >British West Indies Tel: 1 264 497 2505

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