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Fwd: New Public-Private Alliance Formed to Develop Sustainable Tourism

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      >Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 15:24:39 -0400
      >To: bpotter@...
      >From: Eileen Gutierrez <egutierrez@...>
      >Subject: New Public-Private Alliance Formed to Develop Sustainable Tourism
      >WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 14, 2007) – Beaches,
      >rainforests, and mountain tops can be popular
      >tourist destinations, but often they are also
      >ecologically fragile sites that are culturally
      >and economically significant to local and
      >indigenous people. Developing countries are
      >especially challenged by the competing
      >priorities of attracting tourism dollars,
      >improving local livelihoods, respecting
      >indigenous and local cultures, and protecting
      >the environment.
      >To address this pressing issue, 15 leading
      >conservation and tourism development
      >organizations recently joined forces to create
      >the Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance, which
      >is supported by the United States Agency for
      >International Development.
      >“This new alliance will support tourism that
      >creates job opportunities for local peoples,
      >respects indigenous cultures, and protects the
      >environment at the same time,” said Richard P.
      >Bossi, director of the AED Center for
      >Environmental Strategies, the organization
      >managing the Alliance. “From South Africa’s
      >Kruger National Park to mountain trekking in
      >Nepal and Bhutan to community-owned lodges along
      >the Amazon in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador, we are
      >seeing sustainable tourism development that
      >brings benefits, without damaging local
      >environments and cultures.”
      >The Alliance’s first initiative will be in
      >Ecuador, which has significant opportunity to
      >reduce rural poverty thanks to a national park
      >system that covers 19 percent of the country’s
      >territory. The Alliance will bring together
      >Ecuador’s Tourism and Environment ministries to
      >improve the quality and protection of the
      >country’s natural attractions, while providing
      >local communities with economic benefits
      >generated by tourists visiting the country’s
      >national parks.
      >“We are very excited and honored to be the first
      >country to work with the Global Sustainable
      >Tourism Alliance,” said Ecuador’s Minister of
      >Tourism Maria Isabel Salvador at the Alliance’s
      >recent launch event in Washington, D.C.
      >Currently travel and tourism account for more
      >than $3 trillion in spending annually and 7.6
      >percent of the world’s total employment. The
      >United Nations World Tourism Organization
      >forecasts that international travel will double
      >by 2020. The Alliance hopes to channel a
      >significant amount of this business to
      >developing countries.
      >“The Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance
      >provides an unparalleled opportunity for
      >potential investors and tourism leaders at all
      >levels to work together to put sustainable
      >tourism into practice in more countries,” said
      >Franklin Moore, Acting Deputy Assistant
      >Administrator of the USAID Economic Growth,
      >Agriculture and Trade Bureau. “We know more
      >tourists will be going to developing countries,
      >and it is our hope that the Alliance will enable
      >their tourism industries to grow without harming
      >the beauty that attracts visitors.”
      ># # #
      >GSTA Partners
      >The GSTA is led by AED and three other managing
      >partners: The George Washington University;
      >Solimar International; and The Nature
      >Conservancy. An additional 11 conservation and
      >tourism development organizations, academic
      >institutions, and consulting practices round out
      >the membership: Conservation International,
      >Citizens Development Corps, Counterpart
      >International, ElperWood International, Nathan
      >Associates, National Geographic Society,
      >Rainforest Alliance, RARE, University of Hawaii
      >School of Travel Industry Management, UNESCO
      >World Heritage Centre, and the USDA Forest
      >Service - Heritage Design.
      >Eileen Gutierrez
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