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Fwd: CAST: Green Globe Trotter, March 31st 2007

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      >Subject: CAST: Green Globe Trotter, March 31st 2007
      >Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 17:11:43 -0400
      >Priority: Urgent
      >From: "Deirdre Shurland" <dshurland@...>
      >With appended text version of the newsletter! --
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      >Deirdre P. Shurland
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      T (787) 725-9139; F (787) 725-9108
      Website: www.cha-cast.com

      To view this newsletter online, see www.cha-cast.com

      March 31st 2007 Volume 4, Number 29

      Caribbean Green Globe
      Program Watch

      ** # Certified Properties = 46

      ** # Benchmarked = 58

      Celebrating 10 Years!

      Donate just $25 to CAST per annum
      and become a Friend of CAST now! See
      http://www.chacast.com/Documents/SolicitationForm-April 2006.doc

      Note from the EditorŠ..

      The newly revised Green Globe Company standard is just days away from
      official release. Look out for the formal announcement on the Green Globe
      website (www.greenglobe.org). We have omitted the "200 Standards WordsŠ"
      section in this edition, to feature a description
      of the upcoming changes to the
      Standard, as prepared by Green Globe International.

      Early (and we mean early!) 2007 Atlantic season hurricane predictions are
      warning of an above average season. In 2006, the Caribbean escaped from
      these storms as a result of a mild El Nino event in the eastern Pacific. This
      causes a warming of Pacific equatorial waters which effectively shut down the
      Atlantic hurricane system. Scientists are predicting a visit from La Nina (the
      sister) which will have a reverse effect - which
      favours intense activity in the
      Atlantic region (including the Caribbean). What can you do? Prepare! Please
      send your comments and feedback to us at: cast@....

      Notes and FAQs on the Revised Green Globe
      Company Standard (Version 3.0 of 2007)

      Revised Green Globe Company Standard Part A:

      Part A of the Company Standard sets out the requirements for environmental
      and social performance of all travel & tourism organisations that are taking
      part in the Green Globe program. Part A of the Company Standard should be
      read in conjunction with Part B and the relevant Sector Benchmarking

      Revised Green Globe Company Standard Part B: Self Assessment

      Part B of the Company Standard sets out the guidelines, explanatory notes and
      a self assessment checklist for certification under the Company Standard. For
      organisations that are not yet ready for Certification, Part B can be used as a
      guide to improve sustainability and implement an environmental management
      approach. Part B should be read in conjunction with the Green Globe Company
      Standard Part A and the relevant Benchmarking Indicators (SBI).
      There is a Part B for Micro and Small Business and Part B for Medium and Large

      Q. Environmental Program, Action Plan or EMS?

      Under the Green Globe Standard (Version 3.0), an Environmental Management
      System (EMS) is no longer required for operators with medium to low
      environmental risk (as determined by a risk assessment). Where an EMS is
      not required an Environmental Program or Action Plan must be developed. A
      guideline of the requirements is outlined below.

      Small or micro businesses with low environmental risks may have an
      overall environmental management. They must still meet all the criteria of
      the Standard and complete the checklist (including the risk assessment);
      however they may have little actual documentation of the environmental
      management program.

      Medium size businesses or small business with moderate risks shall,
      have a documented action plan, this may be a concise 'dot point' or table
      style document [which] shall set out the key actions and priorities for the
      organisation's environmental management [program] and commitment to
      Green Globe.

      Large businesses or those with significant environmental risks must have
      an Environmental Management System.

      Q. Which Part B is relevant to my organisation?

      "Part B for Micro and Small Business" applies to Green Globe participants that
      currently fit into Micro and Small Enterprise categories. "Part B for Medium
      and Large Companies" is for those Green Globe participants that currently fit
      into the Large Single Site and Large Diversified categories.

      Q. I have already organized an on-site assessment under the old
      Standard. What should I do?

      The new Company Standard and Certification process will be phased in over
      the coming months. If you have already booked an on-site assessment, please
      notify Green Globe International of the arrangements. Certification
      Assessment reports will be continued under the old system during the phase
      out period. This will simply mean that you will commence Certification under
      the new system in the following year.

      Was this article helpful? Send your comments to cast@....

      Predictions for the upcoming 2007 Atlantic Hurricane season have already been
      made. Most experts predict an above average season with 14 named storms, 7
      hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes (= Category 3 and higher). You should
      expect these predictions to be adjusted as we get closer to the start of the
      season, June 1st 2007. Preparedness should always be on your mind. Here are
      a few key questions for you on insurance coverage from Smith Orloff &
      Associates (www.smithorloff.com). Are you fully insured against:

      Losses due to "windstorms"? Ask your broker what this means for your
      business operation and the level of coverage in place.

      Losses due to flooding e.g. flash flooding and coastal inundation from
      storm surges?

      Interruption of your business for extended periods after a major tropical
      storm or hurricane?

      Losses to buildings including contents e.g. equipment, stock/inventory and
      other precious contents?

      Review your policy carefully and make sure to ask check with your broker for
      details responses to the above questions.

      Hurricane Preparedness Tips brought to you courtesyŠ

      Were these tips helpful? Send your comments to cast@...

      Green Globe Trotter
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      Caribbean Alliance for
      Sustainable Tourism (CAST)
      1000 Ave. Ponce de Leon, 5th Floor
      San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907
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      Readers' Vent!

      "Thank you very much for the GGT February 2007 issue. In Cozumel some
      hotels are working to create a sustainable atmosphere, last week six hotels
      began a program of environmental audits to be honored at the end of the
      process with a national certificate called INDUSTRIA LIMPIA from PROFEPA
      which is the Mexican official authority to verify all hotels, and industries in
      general, have sustainable standards." Isauro Cruz, Manager, Asociación de
      Hoteles de Cozumel

      Be silent no longer. This is your chance to provide feedback or comment or to
      just vent. Send your comments to cast@....

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      or Flame Tree (Poinciana Regia) and the Wild Sage bush (Croton flavens).

      Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lemongrass have been
      used over thousands of years for therapeutic purposes. These oils
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      Tamara Croes,
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