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Sustainable Tourism Bank Watch

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    Sustainable Tourism Bank Watch November 5, 2004 ... Global Donor Community Makes Sustainable Tourism a New Priority ... The first World Tourism Organization
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      Sustainable Tourism Bank Watch
      November 5, 2004
      >> http://www.planeta.com/ecotravel/tour/bankwatch.html

      Global Donor Community Makes Sustainable Tourism a New Priority
      >> http://www.planeta.com/planeta/04/0411donors.html

      "The first World Tourism Organization Tourism Policy Forum was held at The
      George Washington University on October 19-20 in Washington, D.C. This forum
      convened a variety of experts in the field of sustainable tourism and
      featured a full day of presentations by leading representatives of the
      global donor community who presented their planned approaches toward
      sustainable tourism."

      Role of Sustainable Tourism In Furthering USAID's Mission
      >> http://www.planeta.com/planeta/04/0411usaid.html

      "Tourism development is being effectively and increasingly utilized not only
      for achieving economic growth and poverty reduction goals, but also as a
      valuable tool for other USAID objectives relating to sustainable natural
      resource management, biodiversity conservation and local governance.
      While supporting economic growth and competitiveness is a critical need, it
      is also imperative to help to protect and enhance the natural resources that
      most of the world's poor look to for their livelihoods."

      World Bank Talking Points
      >> http://www.planeta.com/planeta/04/0411wb.html

      "Bank's core business is poverty reduction; tourism is a valid contributor
      because it is an important source of employment, environmental stewardship,
      and cultural preservation."

      REMINDER -- You'll find more sustainable tourism bank watch news and
      discussion in the Planeta Forum
      >> http://forum.planeta.com/viewtopic.php?p=336
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