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Re: [SUSE Linux Users] help with display settings

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  • jacku3
    My prefered method of maintaining firewall settings is to use Webmin (http://www.webmin.com). It will allow straight iptables configurations and shorewall. I
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 2, 2005
      My prefered method of maintaining firewall settings is to use Webmin
      (http://www.webmin.com). It will allow straight iptables
      configurations and shorewall.

      I don't think SuSEFirewall2 is Shorewall because I had to install
      Shorewall separately on a SuSE 9.1 server a while back. Of course this
      could have change. In any case Webmin provides a real nice interface
      to do this.

      Another tool to consider would be Firewall Builder (http://www.
      fwbuilder.org) it provides a nifty GUI for setting up your iptables
      scripts. If I remember correctly it includes a pre-built profile for
      using Samba that opens up the correct ports.


      --- In suselinuxusers@yahoogroups.com, David Juhl <commodude28@y...>
      > I find SuSEfirewall2 cryptic and a pain in the ass. This could be
      due to the way I understand thngs. I usually disable that and use
      good old iptables. I think SuSEfirewall2 is shorewall. There is a
      good howto on iptables, and iptables has a website.
      > Don't know if my opinion counts but what the heck
      > Dave
      > Frank Schutz <frankschutz@w...> wrote:
      > Hi Steve and all,
      > I am having the same issue with my local network (one other machine
      > Windoze XP that my wife and kids use. If I turn off the firewall I
      > access the shares fine, but I would really prefer to keep using the
      > firewall. I have the OSS 10.0 installed. The install went pretty
      > smoothly. The few problems I had with the display and printer were
      > too hard to fix. However, I know very little about firewalls in
      > and in Linux specifically and I am lost as to how to set it to see
      > local network. So far the documentation has not helped. If anyone
      > any ideas I would appreciate them. Meanwhile, I will keep looking.
      > Frank
      > Steve Tabler wrote:
      > > Thank you!
      > >
      > > One of the problems that is still bothering is LAN-related.
      Basically, I
      > > connect to my printers via Samba to the Windows (workgroup) LAN.
      I find
      > > that the firewall blocks access so that I can't browse the
      > > or the
      > > printers. The only solution which seems to work so far is to
      > > the
      > > firewall. I've tried changing various settings in Yast, but
      > > seems
      > > to solve the problem. I've found reports from other people on the
      > > with
      > > similar results, and the consensus seems to be to not use the Suse
      > > firewall. At least, I am behind a router so I'm not completely
      > > exposed. I
      > > think what I need (eventually?) is a different firewall program.
      > >
      > > Steve
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