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Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Booting Suse from Floppy disk without touching MBR <-- how??

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  • Horror Vacui
    On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 23:41:29 -0000 ... What is it that you didn t understand here? I don t know how I could explain this in even simpler terms. ... You can t,
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      On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 23:41:29 -0000
      ofvergara wrote:

      > hello guys
      > it's me again (the newbie).
      > i was searching the forums, especially this one:
      > http://forums.suselinuxsupport.de/
      > and saw something interesting that i read on that site:
      > "In the original install it gave me the option of loading the
      > bootloader on a diskette ( /dev/fd0), and a little later instructed me
      > to put in a blank diskette, which I did, after which it installed
      > everything needed for boot. With the diskette in place it boots into
      > linux, and without the diskette it goes to the hard disk, which has a
      > Windows XP pointer in the mbr.
      > That's exactly what I wanted, and it worked just fine. I have no idea
      > if you can get to that point once you've installed the system, but it
      > comes up smoothly and easily in the normal install routine. (It even
      > sends a message emphasizing that it is leaving the mbr untouched.)"
      > *****
      > for someone like me, it's a daunting task understanding that...
      > * what did he mean with that?

      What is it that you didn't understand here? I don't know how I could
      explain this in even simpler terms.

      > * how can i do that before the suse 9.1 install process?

      You can't, of course - you have to do this _during_ the install process.

      > it seems that, it's like booting the old win98se boot disk but with
      > linux without touching the mbr, but how do i do it?
      > if you guys understood the previos paragraph from the forums, i will
      > be grateful if you could explain that in simpler terms (for a newbie,
      > of course ;), and your recommendations/detailed steps on how to do it
      > on my system (i have read many complains with grub overwriting xp's
      > boot loader and the remedy for that is scary).

      Complaints? Since there can't be two boot loaders running in parallel,
      "grub overwriting XP's boot loader" is exactly what grub it supposed to
      do. Exactly the same thing happens vice versa, with XP overwriting grub
      (or lilo); it's just a matter of course. With the 'small' difference of
      course, that XP's boot loader won't let you start linux, or give you any
      choice whether to install it or not; and that most linux distros will
      let you do this, or even automatically configure grub or lilo to enable
      you to boot Windows.

      I wouldn't say that the remedy is scary, for either of boot loaders.
      IIRC, you just need to start the installation of XP and let it run until
      a certain point (past the boot loader installation, there's no need to
      proceed untill the whole installation process is through), and you'll
      have your XP boot loader back. Vice versa, it's just a matter of
      starting Linux (by means of a boot disk, installation disk, Knoppix
      etc...) and reinstalling grub or lilo (after eventual editing of config

      While installing, most distros will let you a choice of where to install
      the boot loader: to a floppy, to a partition, or to a MBR, so select
      floppy and let it install. You can also do this manually - with lilo (I
      don't use grub, so I can't give advice on it), you just need to call it

      lilo -b /dev/fd0

      and the boot loader goes to a floppy.


      Horror Vacui

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