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Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Re: Some questions

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  • H du Plooy
    Thank you for your reply, forgive me for writing back so late - I was away. ... straight ... system from ... on my ... not adequate. ... Online Update) and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2002
      Thank you for your reply, forgive me for writing back so
      late - I was away.

      >>3. My monitor can do 1152x864 resolution at 60hz, but X
      >>wouln't go there. Is
      >>there a way to force it?
      > *******
      > *******
      > I too had problems with setting up my monitor with just a
      > SuSE 8.0 install. It only seemed to work if I updated the
      system from
      > SuSE 7.3 to SuSE 8.0. However, I have an nVidia chip set
      on my
      > graphics board. The driver that comes with SuSE 8.0 is
      not adequate.
      > They do have an update, however. Just use YOU (Yast
      Online Update) and
      > you will get new drivers if you have the nVidia chips.
      Course even if
      > you don't you should still try YOU before you get anymore
      > If it doesn't help then you can yell at me. :-)
      > *******
      > *******

      I have a TNT2 AGP card, installed the latest nVidia
      drrivers from the tar.gz files from their website, and
      they work fine. I just can't get X to go into 1152x864,
      even though I know my monitor can handle it. SuSE detected
      my monitor correctly, as in model name and number, but with
      each clean install (I did a couple as I got to grips with
      the way SuSE does things) it detects different horizontal
      and vertical scanrates. I just correct them in XF86Config,
      no big hassle. But the resolution... I couln't get this
      working in any linux distro, with either XFree 3.x or 4.x.
      My monitor can actually do 1280x1024, but at a lower
      refresharate than my graphics card can handle (43hz
      interlaced). This, surprisingly, looks and feels better on
      the eyes than anything in 60hz.

      Can't use YOU - my computer is not connected to the

      >>6. Another question on kernel compiling. Is there a way
      >>import the SuSE
      >>kernel's configuration into either the "xconfig" part or
      >>the KDE Control centre's
      >>kernel configurator part?
      > *******
      > *******
      > None that I know of. Why would you want that anyway??

      Well, I don't really understand all the options in the
      kernel, and the help provided isn't always very helpfull.
      It would be nice if I can see what is enabled and what
      not, and cut the kernel down bit by bit. Im thinking of
      things like: My TV card gets detected incorrectly. I have
      to rmmod tuner and rrmod bttv, then insmod them again with
      the correct card and tuners listed. No big hasstle, but
      for this v2l has to be a module. This I know, but I'm sure
      there are similar things that I don't know of. If I have
      the current config, I can first cut out the things that I
      don't need - support for ISDN, SCSI, Hamradio, ect, and
      then start optimizing it bit by bit.

      The standard SuSE kernel is slow as hell on my machine
      (Celeron 500mhz, 66mhz fsb, 256mb RAM). I've seen on RH
      the difference that a self made kernel makes, even if it's
      the same version. I always had at least 40mb more free ram
      on boot, and my machine is much faster. The
      linux-From-Scratch I'm building is fast as hell, allthough
      that's a long term project, it will be some time before I
      can acutally start using it.

      The problem I'm facing with the SuSE kernel is that there
      are so many services started by default at boot. I don't
      know what all of them does, which ones are really needed,
      and what they need in the kernel. That's why it would be
      nice to start with the current kernel config.


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