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Re: [SUSE Linux Users] SuSE 8.0 & ADSL (Help!)

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  • Horror Vacui
    ... That should be easy then: simply configure your SuSE box as DHCP client. How? Sorry, but I don t know that for SuSE 8.0 - I m using 7.1, and that s quite
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2002
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      netboxerusa wrote:

      >Dear User Group,
      >I just purchased SuSE 8.0 Personal Edition and new to Linux for the
      >most part. Before installing SuSE on my OS is Win XP & Mandrake
      >8.2. I connect to the internet through my ADSL who the ISP is Direct
      >TV. My ISP only uses DHCP and no PPPoe. Both OS has no problems
      >connecting through DHCP - when I installed XP & Mandrake they both
      >had no problems connecting to the net once I set the protocol to DHCP
      >during installation.
      >But, I am having so many problems trying to get SuSE to go connect
      >through my DHCP. The only choice for SuSE DSL is either, "T1-Online
      >or DSL that has only PPPoe" in the control panel. I called SuSE tech
      >and they don't have an answer other then to setup the ADSL using
      >PPPoe. But my ISP does not use PPPoe. Anyone have an answer and
      >having the same problem? I could really use the help since I don't
      >want to replace Mandrake for SuSE.
      >MY ISP is: Direct TV
      >DSL Modem connect to a mini router: 2Wire
      >Three computers connect to the router to us the DSL.
      >All systems don't have a static IP - only DHCP
      >All OS "systems" Connects through the DSL accept for SuSE.
      >Thanks for your time,
      >Louis Urban

      That should be easy then: simply configure your SuSE box as DHCP client.
      How? Sorry, but I don't know that for SuSE 8.0 - I'm using 7.1, and
      that's quite different (in 8.0, the rc.config file seems to be replaced
      by a RedHattish rc.d directory, thankfully). Look into your manuals - I
      assume you can configure this with the networking settings in Yast2.
      Don't let the "ADSL" configuration in SuSE mislead you. T1 online, a
      german ISP, uses PPPoE for ADSL, which makes "ADSL settings" useless in
      most other countries, where PPTP is more widely used (Austria, France,
      so on...) If XP and Mandrake can connect when configuring their IPs over
      DHCP, SuSE should be able to do it too - no need to configure anything else.

      Horror Vacui
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