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Re: Error activating swap space

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  • zipperby7
    ... install it on a ... boot from CD. It ... CD and MO ... me on the ... (good if you ... see the SCSI ... automaticely IDE ... not enough ... it say: to ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2002
      --- In suselinuxusers@y..., "Wilfried Mestdagh" <wilfried@m...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I just ordered and got Suse Linux 8.0 CD's personal and wants to
      install it on a
      > less importand machine to try it out. The machine (a P90) cannot
      boot from CD. It
      > has a IDE drive of 100 Mb and a SCIC drive of 512 Mb. It has a SCIC
      CD and MO
      > device. And 24 Mb RAM.
      > So I created boot floppy and 3 other floppy with the drivers as told
      me on the
      > CD. Linux boot cannot find CD and swites to manual configuration
      (good if you
      > know something from it). Hmmm. I can configure the thing so that it
      see the SCSI
      > (then it lists also CD and HDD) and LAN card and it deteckt
      automaticely IDE
      > drive.
      > When I hit install the it mount the CD, but then it display message
      'not enough
      > memory to run YaST'. Ok probably not enought RAM, but if I continue
      it say: 'to
      > continue enter some swap space'. OK my logic telle me that it can
      swap to disk.
      > Then it ask me to enter a swap partition (eg.: '/dev/sda2'). So I
      enter this
      > (without knowing what I do !!), but it tell 'Error activating swap
      > Ok meanwhile I did this over and over again, and already rebooted
      with a DOS
      > diskette to format both drives C: and D: so they are empty (to be
      sure I have
      > room).
      > If I hit alt + f4 I see messages as 'cannot read partion table' and
      so. If I hit
      > alt + f9 then I come in a command interpreter. Maybe I have to do
      something over
      > there, but have no idea what, because I am a complete dumb for Linux
      (I hope I
      > learn some soom if I get it installed).
      > Can someone help me ?
      > thanks, Wilfried

      Well, I am by no means an expert at Linux, but I have installed Suse
      8.0 successfully on several machines. I think it is all well to want
      to try it out on a less important machine. However the machine that
      you are trying to install it on doesn't seem to meet the minumum
      requirements to run the Suse 8. Even if you did get it installed on
      that machine you would be terribly disappointed with the performance
      of the operating system. My suggestion is to create about 5 gigs of
      unpartitioned space on a more powerful machine, tell the installation
      to create a boot floppy for you so that LILO won't be installed on
      your main system. This way you can have an easier installation and be
      able to run and evaluate the Suse system much more fairly.
      The Hardware requirements for the system are listed at

      Hope I was able to help a little "zipper"
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