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7632Re: [SUSE Linux Users] suse pugrade

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  • Aaron Kulkis
    Feb 5, 2010
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      Donn Washburn wrote:
      > Me too! I have been using SuSE for years from a box of CDs, DVD and now
      > via upgrade zypper. However, now a days it seems openSuSE breaks more
      > on upgrades that gets fixed. I would have thought short of GTK, QT and
      > KDE/Gnome upgrades things should be improved and not damaged. Todays
      > versions seem to be going to proprietary versions and not the source

      After Novell bought SuSE, they chased off the best people, keeping
      only the "yes men" who were willing to slack off on quality in favor
      of the whims of Novell's legendarily inept marketing department.
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