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7564Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Using Linux

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  • Aaron Kulkis
    Aug 7, 2009
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      Jeff Lane wrote:
      > On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 10:48, Aaron Kulkis<akulkis00@...> wrote:
      >> If you're not sure, go download something else with the same browser
      >> or whatever tool you used, and PAY ATTENTION to where the dialog
      >> box says that the downloads are being stored.
      > In most cases, assuming you're using Firefox, things are either put by
      > default into /home/downloads or just /home, or /home/Desktop.

      Actually, that would be
      /home/*username_here*/downloads, /home/*username_here*/
      or /home/*username_here*/Desktop.

      For example, with me, it would be /home/akulkis/downloads,
      /home/akulkis, or /home/akulkis/Desktop.

      Apparently, Jeff made his home directory to be /home, instead
      of /home/jeff or whatever his account name is.

      > Do what he said... download something else and see where they are
      > actually being downloaded to. If you're using Firefox, click
      > Tools/Downloads or hit CTRL-Y. find a file in the list of downloaded
      > files, and right click, and select "Open Containing Folder".
      > You can also edit the FF preferences and set a default download
      > directory. I usually just set mine to /home/downloads.
      >> Alternatively, if you have the locate command installed, then
      >> use this:
      >> locate .pdf
      > locate will only work if the located db has been updated... it doesn't
      > self-update after each file addition.
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