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  • Felix Miata
    Jul 8, 2009
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      On 2009/07/08 16:53 (GMT) ahmed_dosoky1982 composed:

      > now days my SUSE10.2 Linux system becomes very slow and hard to response given that i was installed this system from a long time around 6 months what can i do to solve this problem..

      Start by running to top command in some kind of terminal, which may show
      something using excessive CPU time and/or RAM. If something there is obvious,
      try shutting it down and/or restarting it.

      10.2 is no longer supported, so it would be good to upgrade to a newer
      version that is still supported. If you were to do that today, I would
      recommend 11.0 over 11.1, but what would really be best may depend on which
      video chip you have. If you ask for recommendations be sure to state which
      video chip you have based upon the output of lspci and/or 'hwinfo --gfxcard'.
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