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7027Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Help getting MySQL to work

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  • Aaron Kulkis
    Nov 23, 2007
      Nico Michael wrote:

      > Nico
      > Aaron Kulkis wrote:
      >> Nico Michael wrote:
      >>> Aaron Kulkis wrote:
      >>>> Nico Michael wrote:
      >>>>> Hi there,
      >>>>> This the second time I am asking this question the last time it was ignored.
      >>>>> I need to get MySql to work on SUSE10.2 or 10.3 now
      >>>>> 1)How do you start it?
      >>>> It's in the documentation. Read it.
      >>> This does not explain what YAST does when instaling MYSQL
      >>> what the default password is when YAST installed it
      >> Why would YAST change the default password?
      >> You STILL didn't read the documentation, did you.
      >> http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/unix-post-installation.html
      >> The mysql_install_db script creates the server's data
      >> directory. Under the data directory, it creates directories
      >> for the mysql database that holds all database privileges
      >> and the test database that you can use to test MySQL. The
      >> script also creates privilege table entries for root and
      >> anonymous-user accounts. The accounts have no passwords
      >> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      >> initially. A description of their initial privileges is
      >> ^^^^^^^^^
      >> given in Section 2.10.3, “Securing the Initial MySQL
      >> Accounts”. Briefly, these privileges allow the MySQL root
      >> user to do anything, and allow anybody to create or use
      >> databases with a name of test or starting with test_.
      >> Section 2.10.3 is here:
      >> http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/default-privileges.html
      >> That's it, though. I'm done helping you, because you
      >> refuse to do any work to help yourself.
      >> Come back when you have a question which doesn't involve
      >> someone looking things up in the manuals for you, because
      >> so far, you have been too lazy to do it yourself.

      > I did not know where to read these things ,
      > thanks for the links

      All you have to do is demonstrate to me that you're
      willing to make an effort to help yourself, and I'm
      more than willing to help you.

      For example, if you had asked "WHERE IS DOCUMENTATION
      for MySQL?" you probably would have received an answer
      very quickly...and in fact, just by asking that question,
      you probably would have then realized that you could
      very easily find it yourself with Google.

      As someone playing around with a database server,
      I feel I can safely assume that you're sufficiently
      past "computing newbie" level that you can read
      basic documentation for yourself.

      In the future, use Google (http://www.google.com/)
      to find out if anyone has already written an answer
      to your question.

      For Linux-specific questions, you can even use this:

      Nobody likes being asked to answer a question
      for which the answer is already out there, and
      easy to find.

      And read this, too -- if you follow these rules,
      then many times you will find the answer MUCH
      more quickly than it will be provided to you by
      anyone on this or any other list.
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