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7015Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Help getting MySQL to work

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  • Aaron Kulkis
    Nov 16, 2007
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      François Calay wrote:
      > Aaron Kulkis a écrit :
      >> Nico Michael wrote:
      >>> Hi there,
      >>> This the second time I am asking this question the last time it was ignored.
      >>> I need to get MySql to work on SUSE10.2 or 10.3 now
      >>> 1)How do you start it?
      >> It's in the documentation. Read it.
      >>> 2) When you install it what credentials does it use (Logon ID and
      >>> Password) ?
      >> That's in the documentation, too.
      >>> 3)What program do you use to manage it ? ( I dont have PHP installed /
      >>> No LAMP)
      >> Have you visited the vendor site?
      >> <http://www.mysql.com/>
      >> Did you read the reference manual?
      >> The MySQL website has the complete text of the 500-page reference
      >> manual is available online here in both PDF and HTML format in
      >> English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian,
      >> and Spanish here:
      >> <http://dev.mysql.com/doc/>
      >> Or you can go to a bookstore and buy it for US $60 or so.
      > In regard of the poor quality of the answers of the group,
      > not to say anything else (see below), I decide to unsuscribe
      > immediately.

      So your problem is that, because Nico didn't invest
      the time to find and read the documentation,

      Whoever on the list who does answer supposed to spend
      more time in giving Nico the answer (typing out
      step by step what he's supposed to do) than the amount
      of time Nico himself was willing invest in finding the

      Sorry, but most of us have little respect for people
      who are unwilling to expend at least a little bit of
      effort to help themselves.

      MySQL's documentation is VERY readable.

      The answer to all of Nico's questions (and many more)
      are in MySQL's documentation.

      If he can't be bothered to read this professional
      quality manual, then that's his problem.

      Nobody here is entitled to spoon-feeding without
      having put forth a reasonable effort to find out
      the answer themselves, first.

      Nico didn't even bother to go to the MySQL website,
      which means he didn't even do a google search,
      because if he did, he would have discovered the
      google website, and the tremendous amount of
      FREE documentation which is available there.

      Once again, I Refer to Eric S. Raymond's website
      about how to ask questions, and likewise, how
      to NOT ask questions.


      Nico demonstrated nothing but laziness...and
      so consequently, he gets a lazy answer in return.

      > Bye to everybody and good luck in your lives
      > F.C

      Good luck with your attitude that everybody owes
      you an immediate answer to your confusing
      cross-platform question, in which you give not
      even a hint as to what you tried so far.

      If you DEMAND comprehensive, immediate support,
      that COSTS MONEY -- I hope you're prepared to
      pay for it.
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