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4788Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Re: suse 10.x very near to windows, even beyond, but....

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  • Aaron Kulkis
    Apr 8, 2006
      Walter 'Dutch' Duering wrote:
      > Dear Ali,
      > Could you tell me the sourcd of the Gandhi quote. Considering that
      > I have been arguing theoritical ponts for almost 40 years that are now
      > being partially accepted, I would really like to know.


      > Thank you,
      > Regards,
      > Dutch
      > ali wrote:
      >>all these solutions are painkillers and of course there are serious
      >>pains they can not kill. the cure may be in hardware industry taking
      >>linux real serious. good news is, microsoft has started supporting
      >>linux. as gandhi said: "they first ignore you, then laugh at you,
      >>then fight you and then you win." that was also written in redhat's
      >>stand in linuxworldexpo. isnt that whats happening about linux?
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