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2989[SUSE Linux Users] Re: Reinstalling Suse Linux

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  • vibeesh_bose
    Oct 1, 2004
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      > Ok.. just change the 3 on that line to 5.

      That doesnt seem to change anything. The xdm skipped 'error' is still

      > ls -al /lost+found and tell us what you see.
      It says lost+sound not found. Is that supposed to return a list of
      files in the lost+found directory ?

      Trying to invoke Yast also fails. Seems like I don't have a /usr
      partition at all. When I do a mount, (after a mount -a) I should see
      a list of mounted partitions right ?

      When using Yast in the Repair Installation mode, it threw a message
      saying canot find etc/sysconfig/kernel and when attempting to repair
      the Boot Loader installation, it kindoff resets itself to a blue
      screen menu. How do I verify if it really is a Boot Loader
      Configuration issue ?


      ps . The message I posted before this one didnt get posted at all ?!
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