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2204Re: [SUSE Linux Users] Password and keyboard problem.

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  • Aaron Kulkis
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Frank Taylor wrote:
      > I have just installed SuSE 9 on my PC which has Windows XP
      > Professional installed. The installation seemed to go according to
      > plan, but when the intial bootup asked for my username and password,
      > it rejected them.

      1. check for caps lock being on.
      2. maybe your password has a y or z in it....

      > Also the keyboard inserts 'z' when I press 'y'. (It's perfectly OK in
      > Windows.) I don't know where to go from here. Any help gratefully
      > received.

      You've got a German keyboard specified.

      On my local LUG's mailing list, Metro Detoit LUG, similar problems
      have been reported. Someone posted a solution, but I can't remember
      it offhand. You might want to inquire there.

      (mdlug circle-a mdlug d0t org
      to subscribe mdlug-subscribe circle-a mdlug d0t org)

      > Frank Taylor
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