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FW: 3/15/2013 6:42:58 AM

http://www.elcorrihuela.com/gnyj/bjc/dhyuv/gghm/nbm 3/15/2013 6:42:58 AM . Polly Apfel
Polly Apfel
Mar 14, 2013

Re: no_subject

Iskandar Yahya
Mar 10, 2013

Zayn Samiullah

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Zayn Samiullah
Mar 2, 2013

Important Update

Hi everyone, This is an important update: we will no longer be using this mailing list as our primary means of communication. We *might* try to keep it
Oct 3, 2011

Re: Photo competition

Hello, When are your meetings? and do you have a facebook group? Thanks. ... Hello, When are your meetings? and do you have a facebook group? Thanks. On 22
princess.hobson e-mail
Oct 3, 2011

National Geographic Competition and Event Photography

Hello again everyone, Just a couple of quick announcements: firstly, the exciting World Nomads photography competition in association with National Geographic
A. J. Pye
Aug 26, 2011

Re: Photo competition

Even more apologies for the third message - just found a bit more information about this competition: "This Wednesday 24th August at noon, `24 LIVE' will be
A. J. Pye
Aug 22, 2011

Photo competition

Apologies for the second message! I've just been informed of an interesting photo competition with some good prizes available. The competition is "live", which
A. J. Pye
Aug 22, 2011

Photo opportunities

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great summer break! I have two photo opportunities to make you all aware of. 1) Guildford Heat basketball team are
A. J. Pye
Aug 22, 2011

Notice: Thursday meetings in July

Dear all, Please note that due to the temporary closure of Wates House, the usual Thursday meetings will be held at Chancellors. As we are currently out of
Jul 5, 2011

TRIP - Sat 16th July - Birdworld, Farnham

Hi All! As promised here are the details for the upcoming University of Surrey Photographic Society trip to Birdworld (20mins away from the Uni itself).
Jul 1, 2011

Tonight - Wates House - 5pm

Dear all who are still within a sensible distance of the Uni, There will be a meeting tonight at Wates, more or less as usual! 5pm onwards people! Hope to see
Jun 23, 2011

Re: Updates: competition and DISCOUNT PRODUCTS!

Does the formatt discount apply even though I ordered before? :) My filter hasn't arrived yet.
Thomas Rey
Jun 21, 2011

Updates: competition and DISCOUNT PRODUCTS!

Hey everyone, Just a few quick updates for this week: - The London Street Photography Festival has lots of events next month: see
Jun 21, 2011

Re: Group Update

Dear all, As it turns out we only had the one invite to the opening, so as it turns out there will be a meeting this Thursday (tomorrow) at Wates for anyone
Ben Porter
Jun 15, 2011
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