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Save McGrath State Beach

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  • Paul Jenkin
    Surfrider members and beachgoers, I m sure many of you have heard that McGrath park is in danger of closing next month because it needs $500,000 for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2011

      Surfrider members and beachgoers,

      I'm sure many of you have heard that McGrath park is in danger of closing next month because it needs $500,000 for a maintenance project that the state can't afford to fund right now. But there are 2 ways you can help save it.


      First, the Coca Cola Company is running an online contest called "America is Your Park" that makes donations to the three parks (across the county) that receive the most votes by September 6, 2011. The winners will be awarded recreation grants in the following amounts: First Place – $100,000; Second Place – $50,000; and Third Place –$25,000. Currently McGrath State Beach is in 6th place.


      All you need to do is visit http://m.livepositively.com/park_details.jsp?parkId=140 and vote for your favorite park. You can vote as often as you like. Just follow the directions. It's quick and easy.


      Second, join local leaders and rally community support behind the effort to save McGrath State Beach at a media conference at the park. Assemblymember Das Williams will be joined by Ventura County Supervisor John Zaragoza, City and State Parks officials for a media conference this Friday, Aug. 26 at McGrath State Beach at 1 p.m. to encourage community involvement in the effort to keep State Beach from closing.


      When: Friday, August 26, 2011 at 1 p.m.

      Where: McGrath State Beach, past the Entrance Station, beyond the Santa Clara Nature Trail head within view of the ocean. (Location will be marked once through the entrance. Comfortable shoes suggested).

      So please, vote over and over again for McGrath State Beach at 

      http://www.livepositively.com/#/americasparks .

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