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Ventura fails on plastic bag ban- County approves 101 widening

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  • Paul Jenkin
    Ventura councilmen fail to win support for plastic bag ban “I love plastic bags,” said the elderly woman, who waited two hours to speak. “I just can’t
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      Ventura councilmen fail to win support for plastic bag ban

       “I love plastic bags,” said the elderly woman, who waited two hours to speak. “I just can’t bear the thought of living without them.”

      By Kevin Clerici

      Monday, September 20, 2010

      Ventura City Councilmen Brian Brennan and Carl Morehouse tried Monday to do what the state Legislature refused: Ban single-use plastic bags in Ventura.

      Pointing to the volumes of bags and trash that end up in area waterways, the councilmen sought support from their council colleagues to craft a local ordinance prohibiting single-use plastic bags at grocery and possibly other stores. It would be a first in Ventura County.

      Instead, they got complaints from a resident saying she couldn’t “bear the thought of living without plastic bags,” opposition from a tea party supporter and concerns from their council colleagues that the city attorney’s office already has enough to work.

      In the end, the councilmen got a 4-3 vote on a watered-down motion for city staff to work with other agencies, including nonprofits and other cities with bag bans, on finding ways to “reduce” plastic bags in the community, rather than actually ban them. Any formal ordinance, if one were to emerge, would have to return to the full council for adoption.

      more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2010/sep/20/Councilmen-fail-to-get-bag-ban/

      Board stands behind Highway 101 bike lane

      Some opposed to putting path on sea side of project north of Ventura

      "Chernof said he could predict the outcome and planned to appeal to the California Coastal Commission. Roger F. Lyon, an attorney representing the Ventura chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, said ... his client would consider an appeal."

      By Kathleen Wilson

      Tuesday, September 21, 2010       

      A contested bicycle path will remain on the ocean side of Highway 101 north of Ventura under a plan approved Tuesday for a major widening project.

      Voting unanimously, theVentura County Board of Supervisors denied a pair of appeals that sought to move the trail to the northbound side of the road.

      The $116 million project involves adding a high-occupancy vehicle lane on both sides of the road between the Mobil Pier and the Ventura-Santa Barbara county line. It would convert the highway from a four-lane expressway into a six-lane freeway, easing congestion and boosting safety on the road running past Mussel Shoals, La Conchita and Rincon Point, county officials said.

      But the location of the path drew appeals from the Ventura chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and Dr. David Chernof of Mussel Shoals. Both objected to placing the bike path on a 19-foot shoulder beside the beach.

      Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2010/sep/21/nxxfchighway22/
      - vcstar.com 
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