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Ocean Friendly Gardens Hands on Workshop (HOW) this weekend

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  • Paul Jenkin
    Hands on Workshop (HOW) Learn how to do a Site Evaluation Sunday August 22nd 10am -1pm $15 To register you may either 1.) pay by PayPal (click here) or 2.)
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      Hands on Workshop (HOW) 
      Learn how to do a 
      Site Evaluation 

      Sunday August 22nd 
      10am -1pm 
      To register you may either 
      1.) pay by PayPal (click here) or 
      2.) call Jill Sarick-Santos at (805) 652-4501

      Details - The Green Gardens Group (G3) will lead us through the process of     learning how to evaluate a residential landscape to implement Conservation, Permeability and Retention. Learn how to do a soil compaction test, perform tests for soil type and evaluate the existing irrigation system. We'll also be given worksheets to calculate: 
      • the water use of the existing landscape 
      • water use if it were an Ocean Friendly Garden 
      • amount of rainwater that can be captured and used in the garden 

      We'll be at the home of a person who attended an OFG Basics Class. Interested participants will be returning to the location one month later -
      Sunday, September 19, 10am-4pm - for a garden workday to implement the design that the owner comes up with. 
      Location: East end Ventura home - location will be emailed to registrants 

      For more info or if you have questions: 
      call Jill Sarick-Santos (805) 652-4501 
      or email vcsrf.oceanfriendlygardens@... 

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